Which one are the best DHC in the game?

i was wondering which one’s are the best DHC in the game and teams that you can use to exploit them? also post strats and combos based on these DHC

appreciate it and thanx in advance:D

doom’s pink shit xx HSF or hail

HSF xx hail

tempest xx hail

Lightning Storm xx HSF

whatever means it takes to hit someone with a super with anyone xx hail

go storm!!! lol

on low damage…

ahvb x 3 > dhc proton cannon > dhc hailstorm

btw, whas hsf?

HSF = hyper sentinel force.

s.lp, s.lk + sent proj, s.fk XX final justice XX hail does insane damage…

but who plays cap am?

Do Psy’s Kochu Gakure…DHC Lightning Storm…DHC Darkness Illusion. It takes a surprising amount for having Morrigan with it.

i use this one a lot AC kachou garuke xx magnetic tempest (juggle)
and after that yoiu can otg c.lk c.hk to rom , slide or jumping infinite( for a few reps then reset ) if they roll dash backward and tri-jump on get up. if for some reason psy get’s snapped in use this combo to get her out ASAP

any onegtgood DHC after lunch rush superwith tron?

keep posting ppl!:smiley:

wasn’t there something with gambit and lunchrush? like… he did that qcf+kk ( i think that’s it… when he throws cards into the floor, and the blow up ), he did it like 3 times or something? it was on a vid…


what about… mags/cable/psylocke…

psylocke, tempest, dash, c.lk, c.hk, hypergrav, xxtempest, dhc time warp, hpx4, hpx2, hk, ahvb x 3, dhc maelstorm.

it’s generic, but it’s fun. u can’t do that in a match tho… overkill and needs 6 meters.

lunch rush XX servbot alpha lunch rush.

i belive you’re talkingbout meikyosisui vol 6 when servbot started to do lunch rush alpha dhc to gambit’s cajun explotion x 2 then trick card x2 kinetic cardxx royal flush ( i dunno if royal flush hits since they jumped to the dan’s combo i belive)

best DHC

Venom Web is up there with the best. one of me fave moves as nothing is as satisfying as catching them with it. the wide spread of the web makes it good for catching opponents pretty much any where on the screen as long as the first HC will stun them slightly and preferably not push them to far to the edge of the screen as it may miss. this move makes venom a very tactical player as venom moves along the web and attacks in close quarters with an autocombo which means you can follow venom web up with a great many other HCs as your player appears right next to them

. First HC to stun, venom web to catch and hold, powerful finisher (or something snazzy but tricky to pull off…
Good starters: anything really (beams less recommended)
linker: venom web
Good finishers: auto-combos: e.g. final justice, gamma crush, space (quite powerful when in close)
magnetic shockwave

my fave to use is Ragnarok (strider’s multi-cross over slice and dice)

Ken’s Shinryuken (or something of similar effect) is also pretty good when followed by:
Captain sword,
Armageddon (blackheart)
Gamma Crush
possibly storm’s hail but ain’t tried it.

anything that attacks from the top of the screen is pretty good if you can send them up into it!

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ta ta

best DHC

why waste an entier hyper, JUST to stun to setup for the web? when venom can do a web all by himself, and no need to DHC into?

venom w/sabretooth projectile…
hp throw+tooth, qcf+kk, qcf+pp… no need to waste a hyper.

powerful finisher? i bet ahvb x 3, LAxxLS, or even hypergravxxtempest will own the hell out of venom web’s finisher…

storm’s hail will DHC almost anything. cept something that makes them go off screen… captain storm… raging demon…

captain sword is not a good choice… when u dhc it, it only gets about 2 hits in… another waste of a hyper…

and u said that u like to hyper, dhcvenomweb, dhcragnorok, dhcshinryuken (or something else?)…nice… you wanna teach me how to DHC 3 times???

“ta ta” -… no comment.

I play Cap Am occasionally phil. He’s not real good, not real fast, doesn’t hit real hard, but boy does he have some spiffy outfits!

PS. - Iron Man inf xx PC xx Hailstorm. Full life bar fun!

Re: best DHC

You think youre a big person because you know a couple of things…

Hey, look!!!Youre not only an idiot, but your “facts” are wrong.

Captain sword is pretty decent to DHC. With opp below you, do LAx2 or 3, LS, Sword. Useful for real teams and takes good damage. You can cancel the sword into hvb, or do LS, LA, HVB, Sword and still takes lots of damage. Even high AHVB, Hail, Sword works pretty well against many characters.

LAxLS without DHC is not a powerful finisher. Regular grav, tempest will be mashed.

And you wanna know how to DHC three times? OK! Start with Storm, air combo into LS, (Cyclops)DHC1-MOB, (Sent)DHC2-HSF, dash, launch air combo into QCF+P, (Storm)DHC3-Hail. Runaway until 5 bars and do it again. And dont even get me started with MSP!!!

Re: Re: best DHC

capsword is a wasted DHC. hits no more than 2 hits for shit. LAx2xxLS dhc capsword… why the fuck would u do that? not only does LALS do enough damage, you’re bringing capcom out into the field. not good idea… leave him at assist. and the beam goes through them too fast to cancel into hvb, unless it’s in an elemental trap, like LS, TS, or yoga inferno.

you misinterpreted what i said. about the LAxxLS, i was talking about it in regards to venom web. venom web’s finisher isn’t anything special. LAxxLS alone does more damage than venomweb. that’s what i meant. damage terms, not how the finisher works. I kno hgxxtp will be mashed. it’s still more powerful than venom web.

and the DHC, i meant consecutively.
tell me… if u use MSP…

psylocke, tempest, DHC hailstorm, DHC korche, DHC tempest???

that’s 3 consecutive DHC, and that’s what he said u do. 3 consecutive. no breaks. read what i’m typing before u waste ur time and comment me’ like i said… HYPER, DHC, DHC, DHC. you can’t do that. you can… HYPER, DHC, DHC, combo, HYPER, DHC,.

also… where did i say anything about msp? FUCK msp. rowtron owns for mags teams.

When on ground:

tempest xx ragnarok (strider’s multiple image super)

Oh my bad, your asking for the best in the game…yeah lightning storm xx hsf-> launch-> aircombo is prolly best.

i think silver samuri’s electric super (don’t know the real name) is one of the best supers. it’s like an assist killer just by itself, and nobody (and i do mean nobody) can counter it when they block. it’s un-rushable by mag, un-AHVB-able from cable, nothing. well, that i’ve seen so far. he recovers amazingly fast…which is what i’m trying to say.

Sorry man but cable can AHVB that hella easily…

Yeah. The lightning goes in an up/down direction mostly, left/right have little gaps, and Cable can hit him because of it.