Which one is generally better?

In your opinions… if I were to get either SF2 HDR or SF2 HF, which one would you get and why? I sorta like the HF old school look and I’m not really digging the HDR graphics, but isn’t HDR more balanced and… I saw it at EVO this year, is HF not in for tournaments anymore?

No HF is not at tourneys anymore, and the netcode for HF is garbage.

Go with HDR.

this 1000 times

I’ve been fairly active in the tournament scene for about 5 years and I don’t remember a single HF tournament. What is better is opinion though.

I wouldn’t know about the tournaments :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I started this year… but I remember they talking about Daigo playing SF2 HF because they don’t have HDR in Japan.

Hmm… I might have to try both out ;//… both seems pretty good to me.

I don’t think Daigo is active in any game besides SF4

HDR is the only competitive and actively played one out of the two.

Get hdr…people play it actively and you can change the graphics in the options menu to the old school sprites.

Oh okay, I want to see him in SF3 again ;(. We need a SF3 on XBL and PSN ;(.

WOAH!!! THAT’S AWESOMES ;D!!! Thanks for that, I guess I’m getting HDR… weeee.

Daigo took fourth in HDR at EVO2010…

Super Street FIghter II HD Remix ? Top 8

  1. Snake Eyes
  2. DGV
  3. Afrolegends
    4. Daigo
  4. Afro Cole
  5. Tokido
  6. Alex Valle
  7. Ryry

Ain’t nobody played HF since '94

HDR is the better choice.

HF is far superior, but HDR actually has players, so you either play shit or you play nothing, take your pick. HDR has classic mode but nobody plays it.

Daigo is active in more then u think, he plays king of fighters, snk vs capcom and every vs game, actually im not gona list them he is basically good at every capcom game and has placed in touranents and probly other fighting games.