Which one is worth buying? Umvc3, Ttt2, or P4a?


Well, as of late I’ve been getting preety bored and fustrated with Street fighter 4: AE 2012. I stopped playing a couple months into super so I missed out on AE, and only picked up 2012 about 3-4 months ago. Things didn’t really go well, I don’t really have a character to play ect and I’m lacking motivation in learning another one, plus I got a stick in that time so I basically had to learn how to play again and now have no confidence in the game. I really am fustrated as I really want to be good, but without any motivation due to how long the games been out for it leaves me not wanting to play.

So I’m asking, mainly because I don’t have the funds to buy all three, which game is worth getting? I want to buy a game that will last a good amount of time in the fighting game community, I’m steering a bit towards Umvc3 because of how popular it is, plus it looks preety fun, but it does look a tad dumb. Ttt2 does look a bit better then Tekken 6, but not to different to be fair, and I’m unsure about how long that game will last in the community. P4a, I’m unsure as to weather this game will die out soon aswell

Any answers are much appreciated, as with no other games to play, I feel like I’m doing to die of boredom.


They’re all worth getting in some measure, IMO. I personally like only Marvel out of the three, but go with whatever you want.


all are good games but I’d say TTT2 if an online warrior because it’s new and the community hasn’t gotten to good yet
I hope I helped


@Meta Unfortunately, like I said, I can’t buy all 3.

@eivelllordsm2, Hmm, I do mainly play online, seeing as there is no real scene in the uk. However, I feel people will already be preety good due people who played Tekken 6 ect


actually we do have we have WSO (youtube hakf) in london and MBA in manchester


If you like guilty gear play P4A, if you like tekken 6 play tag 2, If you like to be caught in traps of poorly designed nonsense play umvc3. What it really sounds like is that your main issue is that your quitting AE too early. No amount of game switching is going to substitute your fundamentals cuz there are alot of mental concepts and development that transfers between games and as far as whats out now thats going to allow you to develop that you cant do much better than AE.


Ok, take these into consideration before buying one of the 3 games.

  1. Before you buy them, try them out. Be it at your local gathering spot, friends house, etc, etc. Borrow a console if you have to.
  2. If you play locally and prefer to play in an offline environment then pick the game that mostly played by your local community.
    3.If you’re an online warrior, then do some research on which games have better online. From what I have heard P4A and TTT2 have great online. Marvel 3 still has terrible online.
  3. What games do your friends play the most?


I live in the southwest dude, Cornwall to be exact. It would be a bullache to get up there atm

Never played guilty gear.
I grew up playing tekken but was dissapointed with Tekken 6
Umvc3…I dunno, the game does look fun and it sure is hype.
Also, regarding AE, I don’t even think I’m enjoying it to be honest dude. I honestly think the only reason I keep going back to it, is because I have nothing else to play. (literally.) I just end up getting really impaitent when playing oppenents online, then I get fustrated. I don’t really have the will power to pick up a new character. It doesn’t matter though, Most of my street fighter game is relatively solid, fundimentals wise, so I can easily pick up where I left off when Street fighter 5 comes out

  1. Have no real way of doing that
  2. No local community
  3. True, but P4a isn’t getting released in England for a while.
  4. My friends don’t play fighters =/


I dont know much about it (just saw it) but
**[SIZE=4]Super Miner Battle Farm is south west/wales area and FGC like I said I know next to nothing about it **[/SIZE]


I can’t find hardly any information about it. Anyway, I hope to travel someday when I reach a good skill level, and when I can get some cash.


I just googled fighting game community in south west england and found very little about it and good luck with that


i vote for Tekken Tag 2. Its eons better than Tekken 6 in almost every way.

-Like eivellordsm2 said, the game is still pretty new so you won’t get mopped online.
-Great netcode.
-Features a lot of miscellaneous content that will keep you busy outside of online matches.


If online is all you have, TTT2 or P4A

Don’t make decisions based on what everyone else is playing. Every game has players, pick whic ever you’re going to enjoy playing.


I was mainly talking about Europe In general, (hey, maybe in America If I get good lol.)

It looks the same tbh, except with the option of a partner


In this order
Anything else

Ultimate marvel is a terribly designed and unbalanced game. It for the most part, puts Scrubs and casuals on the same field as those who are actually good at the game. For the love of god do not get it, it will drag you down the wrong path and get you addicted.


Whats wrong with Umvc3 though? I have to admit, I’ve always wondered why the game doesn’t seem to be popular online, is the netcode like street fighter 4? I never see much footage of online matches either.


so pretty much it shouldn’t but is really fun


to be honest I seriously dont think the online is that bad until you get to a rank where there are few people in the UK at because then you have to start facing lagy Americans


UMvC3’s netcode is pretty bad (I’d go as far as to call it unplayable). I’ve heard good things about P4A’s netcode, though. And of course, there’s always GGPO if you want to get into older games.


No, it’s really not. I have no problems playing Jill or C.Viper in UMVC3 online. Like everyother FG, it’s only “unplayable” if your connection is ass, or if your playing someone 1000’s of miles away.

Unbalanced and stupid as hell. Every game has tiers but the difference and gap in the tiers of UMVC3 are friggen huge. The game is also so unforgiving that you can literally be on the verge of a perfect, and you slip up once and due to xfactor you now can loose 2 characters and have to deal with an incomming mixup on your third.