Which one of theese characters is the best one for a newcomer?

Hello everyone, I’d just like to hear your opinions on which one of theese characters would be good to use for a newcomer?
Dudley, Akuma or Ryu ?
I’m asking because I can’t choose between which character I should focus on learning first, I like them all but I’d like to learn one character good instead of messing around with several.

Well, Shoto’s are basic and easy to learn. Akuma is a piece of shit with great offense.
Ryu is solid, but pretty slow. I would say Dudley, because his style is awesome, and he’s alot of fun to play, on top of being an animal when you’re rushing down.

Imo I’d go Ryu. Dudley has a lot of large combos and even character specific ones, for a beginner it’s a lot to be taking one. And Akuma, well, he’s like a more advanced version of Ryu, except you need to work quite a bit harder and really need to be on top of your game to stop his stamina getting the better of you.

It’s for this I say Ryu. He’s a nice simple character who’s easy to get a feel of. He’s also got some easy combos and is a good model character for learning mix-ups.

Thanks for the fast answers, I think I’ll try to play a bit with Ryu and if I like playing with him I guess I’ll do my best to learn him (So far, the very little 3S I’ve played I’ve been using Dudley, Mostly just because not beeing able to kick is badass, also he’s not beeing gay and shooting shit)

I guess it’s like all the other games in the end “Use the character you like to play with” - Still, Ryu and Akuma, and also Ibuki seems kind of cool - So I guess I’ll just have to try them all out basically…

The best way is to just try all the characters out, you’ll definitely be changing alot in terms of your “favourites” but regarding the question you posted about the 3 mentioned, I’d say go with Ryu.

Yea, play whoever you want. Test the characters out and if you like em learn em. If your a complete beginner to fighters, then you might want to go with Ryu like everyone’s saying but if you have some experience then go with whoever. I played Ken at first then went to Makoto then Yang. Didn’t play Ken because he’s a “beginner” character (don’t really even know if he is), but cause he was one of my favorites. I’m just learning GG and playing Eddie, honestly couldn’t care less of he has a long curve, I like him

Yeah, don’t lock yourself in this early in your playing.

I would say try out Dudley simply because I think he requires more “learning” and less “this is how I play other fighting games”. There is a good chance you won’t be playing as any of the characters you listed here once you get used to the game.

Right now I’m sitting and trying to learn juggling with Dudley, having a hard time doing it but I guess it’ll come eventually~ And to answer the question, I’m a total newbie both when it comes to SF and fighting games in general.

If you are a complete newb and don’t know any better to begin with, why not use Dudley? He’s really good. If you like him, then fuck the learning curve. You’ll pick him up with practice anyways. Just start off with the basics, read some guides on GameFaqs.com, watch some vids on Combovideos.com, Godweapon.net etc. Eventually you’ll get better and get some knowledge on how he should be used and plus you’ll develop your own strategies. Good Luck :tup:


I tried out a little Ryu, seems booring to play though, I think I will give Yang a try aswell, he seems fun to play. To bad he’s not badass. :wink:

Ryu is probably the best to start with out of those three. Dudley’s a great character, and the basics are fairly easily to learn, but his play style is so astronomically different from everyone else’s that I would say it’s the wrong way to start.

Go with Ryu or Ken, the shotos are a good place to start.

Ryu is the best.


As a beginner, you’re not going to have a hard time winning with either Ryu or Dudley. Akuma though is more of an advanced character because of his low vitality.

To me it was a bit better to learn Akuma after learning how to play defensively and after getting the hang of parrying, since doing both are VITAL to playing Akuma because of the damage he receives. Other than that, Dudley or Ryu would be good choices to play with, both are very impressive if used really well.

i started with dudley, its not easy at first, takes alot of learning. but play who u want, if u do plan on using dudley though read the stuff ppl like me kal el and aneurysm posted in the dudley forum.

Its actually quite simple, Dudley has alot of advanced combos that need extensive practice in training. Ryu on the other hand is very basic in terms of execution, this allows you to focus on learning the game first, not just a specific charactor. You must learn the game in general before you can advance in skill with a specific charactor. Any charactor that relies on one attribute more than the other is a bad choice to start with because its harder to learn the attribute that your charactor doesen’t use consistantly. Dud also has a really short range that can cause alot of fustration against someone that knows how to take advantage of this. I think its better to move on to harder charactors after understanding 3s in general.

…I hope that made sense, I need some sleep lol:zzz:

Yes, that makes perfect sense, I agree. Out of those three characters Ryu in general covers almost all aspects of the game that are vital to your understanding. besides his normals and mix-up game, he has 3 great supers which all home you in on different aspects of the game.

Shinkuu Hadoken can help you understand turtling and zoning. It can also lean you into canceling supers at long range and playing footsies for punishment. Plus there’s plenty of meter to feel safe while experimenting with EX’s.

Shin Shoryuken as everyone will guess will help with close range combat and those akward little situations caused by resets and random madness. Fear of high damage attacks is great for limiting their options, imo it also adds a more strategic factor to the match, as you have to decide when and how you’re going to use your meter.

Then Denjin Hadoken spices it up with technicality. Introducing stun set-ups will make you notice the stun more often and help you learn to abuse it. If you’re fighting good players you’ll also notice tech rolling more often and see/learn escapes.

But with Dudley and Akuma I don’t see as much of a learning advantage for a beginner. Of course if they stick it they’ll get there eventually, but there’s nothing wrong with transitioning between characters, it’s all part of the process. I just think it’s better to start with Ryu, as with Akuma you dive straight into advanced stuff and with Dudley it’s all character specifics.

Of course this is all imo, it’s just the way I see it.

Ryu is always good.