Which one of these PSX RPGs should I dive into?


Chrono Cross or Valkyrie Profile, which one of these is better and worth the long hours needed for an RPG?

For a frame of reference, my favorite RPGs are Xenogears, Persona 4, Final Fantasy VII/VIII, and Shadow Hearts 1/2

Thanks :slight_smile:


Valkyrie Profile!



Valkyrie Profile, without a doubt.


That depends. Based on what you have played, Chrono Cross would be a more familiar experience for you. Valkarie Profile is extremely nonlinear and does not play like any of these. The game is composed of several chapters where you control the Valkyrie Lenneth who hovers and can fly over the world map. You have a large number of “turns” during the actual chapter where you can do things like go to dots on a map to level up, in which case the game turns into a side scroller with platforming elements. Monsters are visible during this mode and you slash them to activate a battle, during which time the actual “battles” take place as shown in the video above. The thing about this game is that unless you have a lot of time on your hands to replay it over and over, you need an FAQ to really understand how to trigger the events you need to get the (many) different people you can recruit in order to influence the ending of the game. The game itself is worth playing. I would rather play this than Chrono Cross. However, this is one of those games where you won’t have a clue about what to do if you don’t have an FAQ with you at all times. If you can get past that, then you should play this game.


Suikoden 1 and 2

Wild Arms 1


Chrono Cross is GDLK, also try Ff9 it’s better than 7 and 8 by far IMO.


Well I decided to try Chrono Cross first and played a good couple of hours, then I played the first few hours of Valkyrie Profile and HOLY HELL THIS GAME IS AWESOME. Seriously, I immediately fell in love with it. It pretty much just blows CC out of the water for me. In the first few segments it’s already touched on child trafficking, suicide, epic cosmic war waged with human souls, the apocalypse…while in Chrono Cross I was still doing…uh…idk lol, just roaming around.

This game feels like Xenogears and Symphony of the Night made sweet baby-making love. I’m still a little hazy on all the systems because it’s a bit on the complex side but I’m absolutely loving it. And the graphics are gorgeous, I can’t believe this doesn’t get mentioned more in “best 2D in games” conversations.

Well I don’t think I’m gonna use a FAQ. I’m gonna old-school it with just the instruction booklet and game :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember trying FFIX when it first came out but it just wasn’t for me…I couldn’t go back to such a light-hearted FF after the epicness of Square’s other work of the time.


Vagrant Story has incredible combat on PS1. The Parasite Eve games are well worth checking out as well.


Well, its really a matter of preference. I mean, multi disc jewel cases are much better than their single disc counter parts at breaking falls, however, given that Valkirie Profile is a relatively rare game, the chances of the instructions being inside are low. So given that AND chrono cross has a fairly soft manual, I would have to give that the edge.


Valkyrie Profile easily. Chrono Trigger is tight too but Valk is just a totally different level.


Legend of the Dragoon. Since you like Shadow Hearts you might appreciate the addition system.


Three of my favorite PSX RPGs - Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve, & Legend of Dragoon

I loved Chrono Cross and FF 7 & 8, but the above three were right up there w/ them.


FF6, FF9, and Legend of Dragoon is all you need.


Star Ocean 2.

But you like Xenogears, which is possibly the worse game ever made. So with that said, I’m sure anything with the term ‘J-RPG’ you’ll like, so I guess you can play shit like Legend of Dragoons and like that as well.

Might as well add Vanguard Bandits to that list of shit. But that one duel was cool, too bad the voice acting was awful and the wannabe J-rock Dio playing in the background.


All of them.
Every RPG on PSX was amazing. Even shit like GranStream Saga. They’re all fucking amazing, and you should just play all of them. Twice.


A lot of those games have not aged well, fellas (trust me, i used to replay them a lot every 1 or 2 years). FF9, Vagrant Story and Chrono Cross were AWESOME on their launch dates / first 1 or 2 years, but if you play them now, you better have a lot of patience, they are REALLY slow games.

VP has aged really well, even with its chapter / limited periods system. The story (sans Arngrim part) and gameplay are really fluid too, so you wont be bored.


Chrono Cross sucks.


Man, this thread right here brings back memories. Back in 2000, I was in school back east in North Carolina, and got a job at wally’s world as a cashier. One payday, I was gung ho on getting Parasite Eve 2, especially with my discount. I picked it up along with the strategy guide, and I saw a game called Valkyrie Profile sitting right next to it. I took a look at the back of the case and thought it’d be fun, so I picked it up with its strategy guide as well. I ended up playing the shit out of Valkyrie Profile. Came back to cali 2 years later and I forgot to bring the damn guides. I found them both for five bucks a piece at funcoland/gamestop a couple of years later. The game’s really fun. I swear ol’ bane’s va was the same person who did Dr. Claw (VP players know who I’m talking about). Play on hard, it’s worth it. I couldn’t get into Chrono Cross. It just didn’t sit well with me, just like FF9. I tried to get into both, but I lost interest after a while. After reading through the thread so far, I went to Amazon to price VP for shits and giggles. $449.99! $400 on ebay! I didn’t know the game was that damn rare! Parasite Eve 2’s $150 on Amazon as well. Shit’s crazy!




Suikoden 2 was a blast to play.