Which one should I keep for ST? CCC2 or SFAC?

For the uninformed (no offense)

ST= “Super Street Fighter II Turbo”

CCC2= “Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2”

SFAC= “Street Fighter Anniversary Collection”

Long story short, after recently receiving my severance pay (don’t ask) I went on a random, unplanned PS2 fighting game splurge and instantly snapped up FG’s I’d been wanting to for a long time. This grab included new copies of SFAC ($50 :sad: ), “Street Fighter Alpha Anthology” ($30), “Art of Fighting Anthology” ($10) and “Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol.1” ($20). I also got “Capcom Classics Collection Vol.2” because I could not immediately find a copy of “Strider 2” for PS1 (PS1 port of Strider>>>>>CCC2 port of Strider)

I achieved that grab all in one day, and when I finally sat down to look over it I realized I made some mistakes. I horribly failed to realize that:

  • I’m the only video game player in my household of two.
  • I have no fighting game-playing friends or family within a remotely close radius of my crib.
  • I don’t even have a good enough pad, much less a stick to become any better at SF (Neo games play well enough with a PS2 pad) and play it the way its meant to be played
  • I OVERPAID for SFAC ($50, original MSRP: $29.99) and to a lesser extent FFBAV1 ($20, should be going for $10 or so by now) and was blinded by the fact that: A) they were new and that B) none of my local GS’s had either in stock, new or used.

Which means that I’m stuck with some compilations that feature overlapping games and have little, if any single-player replay value.

Right now I’m deciding between SFAC and CCC2: I could keep one, return the other, or return both. Which has the most worthwhile version of ST, and is “Third Strike” enough of a reason to keep an overpriced copy of SFAC for, despite me not having anyone else to play it with? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sell both, buy a stick that works on the PC, and play online against real people from your PC.


I would keep SFAC. I feel 3rd Strike is a great game,and the version on SFAC doesn’t have the frame delay that CCC2 has.

Hmm…I think I was lying to myself for thinking that I wouldn’t need or be better off pursuing GGPO and/or soft-mod X-BOX.

Going a bit off-topic, I have a question about some of these Capcom/SNK re-releases/compilations as of late:

  • The CCC compilations: How good/accurate is the emulation on those?
  • The various SNK fighting game compilations: Same question as above?
  • Is it true that XBLA SFIIT=Capcom Generations/CCC1 SFIIT version?

If money is a problem I’d definitely say to keep ccc2 if you wanted to play other games on it.

If you’re considering pc emulation just sell both though.

CCC2 ST is trash, is the word on the street.

I have both CCC’s, SFAA and SFAC. Yeah the frame rate for ST on CCC vol 2 is jacked up I’ll admit, but u can’t beat the nostalgia of playing SF1. Also the St on the Anniv. Coll has no load time, a bonus IMO…

dude we know

So, nobody plays HSF2 competitively or even for kicks right? Can anyone summarize what’s so “un-ST” about it? Does it have a training mode?

I believe they play it competitively in the UK. Also, they play it in Japan now and then.

CE Bison. Actually a lot of CE characters.


Well, I meant playing strictly ST characters and mechanics, not any of the previous incarnations of the characters.

  • Ken, Dhalsim, and Sagat can do their supers as reversals. They couldn’t in ST.

  • ST characters cannot tech out of throws from “old”(Super SF2) characters.

  • You have to pick Chun Li and Honda with a special code to be able to do their stored super’s or Honda’s stored Ochio.

  • O.Sagat’s tiger shots aren’t as fast as they should be. This was supposedly fixed in a later version of the game known as CapKore. I don’t think this version was released in the US, but I could be wrong.

  • Vega(Claw)'s wall dive motion is screwy. I think it’s charge down, K, up instead of charge down, up + K…or something like that. This problem may have applied to other characters/moves, but I don’t remember. I think this was also fixed in the CapKore version.

I think that’s about it…

I think that it really depends on if you want SF1 or not. However if you want to play it with tournaments and such, keep the SFAC, but I’d keep both just for the other games on the collection.

CapKore is the Korean division of Capcom, which is basically Capcom Japan but with a couple translators.
Edit: I think this is right, due to seeing korean versions of various Capcom games but I could be wrong.




CCC2 is crap.

Play PC, DC, or PS1. They are all pretty good.