Which online system you like the best?

taking out all the [S]teachal[/S] **technical **problem like lag problem, long time to search matching, and stable connection.
I personally like streetfighter 4 online system. where you could search online matching while playing arcade mode. This design which can keep online community alive. but could this be done even better? how about playing local two player mode while searching online matching? playing match while waiting in line in a room? allow dropin while 1vs1 for a tag match? anything you could think of instead for just wait.

I like tekken series game, but really hate how they design the online system. regradless having huge lag problem, long time for search matching and unstable connection, why can’t they design dropin online match? so that player can play while searching match. The time that player have to wait for online match is even longer then actual match. Hope they can improve the design in future tekken series after street fighter x tekken.
Dropin design is great not only on fighting game. is good for all arcade style game. what do you think?


Really though, before they dwell into an advanced online system for FGS, they should first probably make them function properly online.

[S]Is it correct to put of netcode and menu design in a one bag and call it “online system”?[/S]
[S]Is it okay to discuss it without knowing how it works?[/S]
Misread whole op post.
I love how GGPO\Lunaport is designed.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 and HD-Remix are my two favorites.


HDR, Vanilla MVC3; basically any system that doesn’t use points or tell you who you’re fighting against beforehand so you can seek/avoid them.





GGPO has to be my favorite.

SF4’s online is terrible, you spend forever waiting for available players and then it disconnects you.

what is GGPO?

A cheatcode that adds a teleportation move to every character in every game.

Just kidding. It’s one of the reasons you need to buy and support Skullgirls!