Which partner best Suits Juri: Combos and character order

Half the battle is setting up your partner and what order would you set your team up?
I am thinking Hworang and Juri or Juri and Asuka. I think I can make some combos but I need a good 6 hours in the lab to really get to some.

law and juri


I’m using Ryu and Juri at the moment. They seem to have great synergy with each other right now. Still in the training room with them.

I’m enjoying a mix of Juri and Hwoarang. I’ve been leading with Juri (because she is my best character and SSFIV main) because I can build meter with her (since she really doesn’t need to use much meter to do good damage) and then bring in Hwoarang who makes great use of meter. Not sure if I’ll stick with this order, but this is definitely my main team.

Im thinking Lili or Xiaoyu would be a good partner. I think Lili would go really well with Juri as you can use pinwheel to pin them down tag in Lili and then go for a hi lo mixup. Also i think Lili can continue a combo from ex pinwheel with angel knee. Also Lili seems to rely alot on meter and I was thinking of kinda going with Ramma’s approach and use Juri to build meter and then tag in Lili

I was working with a Juri/Lili for a while, but eventually went back to Nina of this one. I can’t really dish out awesome tag combos yet because I’m still trying to learn the respective solo combos, but I’m pretty sure with their power and speed some great combos can come out.

Funny juri and xiaoyu is who i been playing since release , i still cant find a move that xaio can land when you luanch and bring her in that connects…juri and sakura were my mains in streetfighter and xaio has the same kinda rhythm so i threw her in there

Now thats a crime against humanity to put ryu or ken with juri

But she’s a dark chun li she wants in Ryu’s pants

I picked up Asuka as Juri’s partner and use her on point. Even though I’m not too good with her yet (her normals seem odd to me…) I’ve still found some pretty damaging ways to combo into a tag and build a fair amount of meter in the process… which I then burn abusing the sexy new Kaisen Dankairaku :smiley:

lack of picking them up at the end is sad, but ability to go into the cinematic vs the non point character is epic for the “new kaisen” i just wish it wasn’t as finnicky as it seems when i’m playing :frowning:

I was playing Raven, Lili, Abel and Ogre, it seems damage is not really what you should be aiming for but rather just pick a partner with decent health. If you pick a character with low health to go with her, and you play it out with them while Juri is in the back recovering her life, chances are you might just die on a raw tag/in the neutral game before you get any decent amount of life back with her.

Low life in this game is a massive thing to overcome in the presence of combos that do 400-600 midscreen, and Juri only has 900 so thats already like 50-70% in one combo.

Ive had Raven on deck but im considering putting someone with more health instead now because i lose mad fast on just a few mistakes, might use Abel, Jin or Ogre and see how they fair, but realisitically I think she probably does best with a proper grappler like Gief, Hugo or Marduk.

He’s probably a solicitor or a judge!

I’m actually enjoying Juri / Julia alot. Julia is taking some getting used to but when I can launch and bring Julia in she does crazy damage for no meter and Juri builds Julia enough meter that Julia can use her “Get off me” cards. My only problem is connecting with incoming characters after Juri’s launcher… If I launch from St. HP it always whiffs. If I do it from Cr. HP to launcher I can always get the hit with Julia and when I launch from Cl St. HK I can connect but not from far St. HK to launch…

Oh and Juri’s launcher whiffing in the corner, is that only when she launches from St. HP or from anywhere? Because THAT is annoying…

launchers only hit grounded opponents, st hp causes juggles state.

me personally i’ll always go into launcher from like lk mk hk

Im putting Hugo up there with possible best partner, having looked at the stamina rankings today Hugo has THE best health in the game, 50 more that even Zangief. His Backbreaker air throw ends Hk pinwheel on a tag in for massive damage + grappler vortex. Just having the dude there to finish your combos and give you a sick vortex, then when the opponent attempts escape as is natural against a grappler, you just tag Juri back in and continue on being lame.

Hugo/Juri is quite possibly THE most damaging team in the game if not one of the most damaging, calling it now and its what i will be rocking from now on.

Hugo and Juri definetly have big damage. Not sure if I did this with Juri or Ryu though but I got 660dmg off hugo’s super by using a ex for wall bounce into pandora into super.(with +30% atk pandora gem)

Oh and Juri has such easy ways to combo into her Super. I like using Sagat on point to get a couple damaging uppercuts/tiger shots in and then it won’t take much to kill em with Juri.

quick question im having issues comboing after juri’s launcher. Any tips? Im using juri/asuka

Me and my partner are having pretty good luck with Juri and Akuma. Not many switch cancel combos as of yet. But here is something that works mid screen and in corner and can be started with either j.hp or how I am about to list it
Akuma: Demon flip>downward kick>c.hp>light tatsu>heavy shoryuken>switch cancel 2nd hit
Juri: j.hp>c.mk>super cancel
That all takes full meter but does about 550 damage. And for those who don’t know the j.hp when Juri cancels in gets a ground bounce because the enemy is in the air.