Which PC fighter currently has the most active online community?


Recently I’ve had a desire to get into a fighting game, but I don’t own a console so I thought I’d try to see what’s currently big on the PC. The only requirements are solid netcode, an active multiplayer scene and pad compatibility.


I think your best bet for an active PC fighter is Ultra Street Fighter IV. Most of the netcode problems are fixed from the initial release, a lot of people still play it and pretty much most controllers are compatible. Skullgirls and maybe KoF also pretty good options


Skullgirls has probably the best NetCode on pc (waaaaaay better than sf4) and has a very active pc community and is totally pad friendly.

Go to skullheart.com to find games though I’m told that quickmatch does well also. And the game is only $15 at most.


Okay, thanks for the suggestions guys. I went ahead and snatched a copy of both of those games. So far, so good.


i like this guy already


It’s around $19 dollars for both right now. ( $15 for USF4, $3.74 on humblebundle)