Which pcb for ps3? Help needed

hello guys, i am new on this forum. I have been throw pad hacking thread, but have problem finding answer. I see every one recommending psone controller, but i want to use it on ps3.

Is there any pad which is easy to hack for ps3? i dont want to use converter-adapter.

I want to make a stick to play Tekken.

the only thing i can think of is getting one out of a HORI stick, like the fighting stick 3 (cheapest) or the Hori real arcade pro 3 (more expensive)

ask byrdo is pro hack PS3 wireless from Sony offical.


Let me help you out I think he said this"ask byrdo is pro hack PS3 wireless from Sony offical." which mean byrdo is putting out all these ps3 wireless sticks so ask him but I thought that was pretty clear when he said it too.

If you thought it was pretty clear, why you begin your reply with, “Let me help you out I think he said…”:wgrin:

Sarcasm my good friend.

I’m on page 25 of the pad hacking thread with no luck of ps3 pad hack stuff. Also went to byrdo’s site and found nothing but I’m sure someone knows where to find some info.

I’ve used PCB’s from the SixAxis and the Horipad 3 Turbo (check the links for info) when I made my PS3 sticks.

thank you guys for so many respons, but Hejdlond, can you help us with some pictures and explanation on how you hacked sixasis and horipad 3 turbo? I see that there is more like me who wants to know…

It wil be awsome

Why don’t you want to use a converter? The REAL converter has been tested by many of the forum members and has found to have no lag. I have one myself. Plus if you ever want to play PS2 games on a PS2 then you got a controller that will work on that also. Just went to Impact Clash and that was a a Godsend.


Easiest pad to hack? The SFII 15h aniv. pad. That was so easy for me… everything is labeled on the pad’s PCB and it has a common ground! But I hear they are hard to find… I’m lucky I got one myself. It was in the used section at gamestop for $8.

The lableing is on the other side.

I started off using an old cord and opening it up to use the very small wire.


Then I would put a little solder on the tips of the wire to hold it together and applied. I got the pin diagram from Slagcoin’s site.


Then I freaked out because nothing worked and went to the pad hacking thread and asked for help to soon realized the ribbon was not fully inserted.
So I re tested everything worked.


Now I’m very happy.

That’s some good work. All that soldering within the diameter of a nickel.

I would maybe suggest you go down to an electronic components store (like Radio Shack), get some 1/8 Watt 8.2K Resistors (like a buck for 5), and branch them between pins 7 & 8 and 13 & 14 so you do not have to deal with the ribbon. Though this would mean more troublesome soldering.

But if you do not think the face will slip, it should be fine.

Thanks slagcoin I’m actually very new to soldering only have done it a handful of times, but I will tell you what did help tremendously was your website wow is that thing streamlined and useful especially the soldering tips I really didn’t know any of that stuff and the all the padhack diagrams. Once again thanks for that awesome site Salgcoin.

One more thing that helped a lot to was a decent soldering iron I used an Aoyue that I got from Amazon for cheap like $80 I think.

I just mounted it in a stick even though I don’t have the last 2 buttons I have them on a back order order. So the r1 and r2 are not hooked up yet and I had to take out the select button so the ps button could be on the outside.The ribbon is very secure with hot glue and ties.


Works perfect for Tekken DR for now.

thanx for help guys, i just hooked up ps3 sixaxis and it works perfectly. I used ATA cable from old Pc and soldier it to PCB, I ordered 26 awg wire from a guy on ebay, which never arrived so i went for ATA cable, i think its same size as 26 awg :slight_smile:

I was wondering did you take the ribbon off? I want to but I really don’t understand how I go about it, or even how to solder the resistors on.

No ididnt take ribbon off, i didnt want to mess with resistor, so i let the orginal ribon be in pcb :slight_smile:

Just made my own stick, and it works great for like 1 hour and then goes crazy:arazz:.

why can’t you solder onto the ribbon cable?

why can’t you just solder or glue wires on to the ribbon either at the end of the ribbon or wear the buttons are? just wondering?

I just spent tonight trying to solder the wires as shown in Rugedman’s pics…

Basically i screwed it up royally and it was a waste of a whole night.