Which platform for online fighting games?

Basically what the title says. I’ve always assumed that the PS3 was the best platform for fighting games, but maybe I’m ignorant in holding that opinion? If someone was looking for a platform that they would use only for online fighting games, which is the best route to take? Basically, the number of online players and the longevity of the community are very important, as well as the availability of titles and franchises. This doesn’t exclude the PC.

And please no speculation on the next generation of consoles. I’m just going to assume that the current trends will carry over to them for now.

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I wasn’t aware that asking for advice on which platform to get is a versus thread. If I can’t ask the people here that might know, then where do I ask?

Also, lighten up, dude.

Connection quality-wise and franchise availability, go with Xbox. Depends on the game for number of players and longevity.





What is it this time, @Hecatom? This is based on personal experience. I get much better connections on XBL than I ever did on PSN, they have pretty much the same fighters available, communities vary from one console to the next depending on the game (BlazBlue and Tekken have stronger scenes on PSN while SF and Marvel tend to be more active on XBL). What do you disagree with?

Holy crap what have I done? I see it now, this is a vs thread, since it’s devolved into an “XBL vs PSN” thread in 4 posts. I honestly did not mean for that to happen :confused:

It also falls into the banned “asking us to decide something for you” type of thread. Only you really know (or will know) what games and game scenes you enjoy. If you really are baffled, try renting games. If that doesn’t work, go to a friend’s and play on their system. thumbs up