Which platform? PS3 or Steam?


Trying to decide which platform to get. I assume there will be more players on PS3 but my preference would be Steam since the PS3 is in the living room so I don’t want to move it.

Which one did you guys get? For those on steam, are there enough players playing on it?


Does Sony charge a fee for game updates? If so, then Steam all the way, if you want the latest patches without the middle man making things harder.


Do you have a laptop or desktop? If you have a laptop, get it through Steam.
Do you ever plan on getting the PlayStation Vita? If so, get the PlayStation version. In my opinion, playing it through the Vita is the best option, simply because I’m not tied to any one location.
If you have a desktop and don’t plan on ever getting a Vita, then it doesn’t make much difference.


hmm good point. I have a desktop & laptop. I guess I should get steam. No Vita.

I’m just worried about number of players. I have ssf4 for pc and ps3 and find there are significantly less on PC.


I got the PS3 version because I figured more people would be playing it. Divekick has cross buy and cross play, so I thought that would make it more attractive. Nobody on my friends list has the game on PS3, which I found odd. I don’t think Steam has proven to be a good enough platform for fighting games where population is concerned. It’s still uncharted territory for the devs.


I bought it on Steam because I don’t have a PS3. There wasn’t any other reason behind it.

I would be surprised if the PS3/Vita version really is the less popular one. If that really is the case, the only reasons I can think of are a stronger 360 following for fighting games*, and user overlap due to Steam and Twitch being on the same platform. Not everyone has a PS3, but most people have at least a laptop with something beyond a family graphics card.


PS3 now. Steam later.


You know, I don’t think there’s a problem with the PSN population. There are lots of people according to the rankings. Something’s gotta be wrong with the way the game searches for people.


I have an Xbox 360 T.E. stick that I wanted to play with, so I went with Steam.


Man, I feel like the loneliest person in the world whenever I look for a match. its like being in the dark ages without knowing about SRK.

Pertho14. For the love of god just add me so I can do something with this game.


It’s not just you; a lot of people have been having a problem with that (myself included). A patch is going to be forthcoming according to the devs, so hopefully it’ll fix the problem.


Got it for PS3 earlier today.


Am surprised this game is getting so much love on PC


For those of us who don’t have a PS3/Vita, Steam is the best way to go.


Wait until November and buy it on the PS4.


Bought it on PC to show support for fighting games on PC.

Both platforms are viable though.


I bought it on both, and Steam is better. PS3 is great and all, but the moment that I realized they couldn’t update their game instantly, I knew buying a PC copy was a good idea. It’s nice for my friends who don’t have computers, but Steam has more people it feels like. It gets updated instantly, while the PSN version has yet to be updated because of Sony.


The game is now $2.49 on Steam for 24 hours.


Bought it because of the sale, and it runs at half speed. You spend maybe 20% of the game actually fighting. If you’re terrible at computers like I am, you should get the PS3 version. (not that this is a question that is really still being asked)


PC version will be available cheap, will keep on working on multiple devices, you can use any controller keyboard anything you want.