Which players do you all think should be on Team EC/WC in MVC2 this year at EVO2K4?

I have been wondering about what everybody thought this year so, I figured why not just make a thread asking everyone’s opinion. I just want to have a better understanding of what you people think would be the smart choice for team EC, not just because of popularity reasons or something like that.

Obviously team EC didn’t do so well last year and i’m not sure why that happend the way it did. This time it’s a new year and a new tournament so things could go differently in EC favor. Atleast that’s what i’m hoping for.

Anyways here are the list of the top EC players.

  1. Justin Wong (of course)

  2. Sanford Kelly

  3. Demon Hyo (myself)

  4. Josh Wigfall


  1. Xecutioner

  2. Rick Mears

  3. Isaac Graham (Tryanidman)

  4. I’m not sure if you would call Ricky Ortiz EC or not since he does live on WC, although he was on team EC last year. He is a top Mvc2 player so, i’m guessing he still counts.

  5. Micheal Williams (Infinite)

For the WC, the top players seem to be:

  1. Rowtron

  2. Kuan

  3. SooMighty

  4. David Lee

  5. Combofiend

  6. Genghis

  7. Mag

  8. Potter

  9. Amir

I don’t want speak for team WC so,i’ll let the WC people do that. Team WC did win the last team tournament so, they might not even have to switch their team up.

Well, those list of players for EC/WC should be correct.

Now, I want you people to post why certain players should be on the team and their attributes they will give to the team. Such as, skill level, style, rankings, past tournaments or whatever, being reliable in tight situations during a match, what you specifically like about certain players, and other things you may be able to think up to talk about.

-Demon Hyo

What happened to the last thread?

Anyway, like I said. Kuan, Row, Soo, and Combofiend have had the most consistent results in tournaments this past year. I think those 4 alone could already make a pretty solid team, since they use different teams themselves.

Kuan-Lately has been using Storm/Sent/Cyke or MSP
Row- Team Row
Soo- Storm/Sent/Commando, MSP, or a lot of other things
Combofiend- Team fiend, MSP

But in my opinion, I don’t think team selection should really matter that much for candidates. That would be affirmitive action.

Other candidates I could see for the last slot would be Genghis, Randy Lew, Junior, Potter, Clock, DJB, a whole mess of guys from Hawaii and Seattle, and a whole lot of other guys from So Cal. I haven’t seen MAG or David Lee in a lot of tournies in the past year, but I’m sure they’re still good.

Personally, I would go for something like what they did last year. Pre Qualifier tournaments. But I also think Hawaii and Seattle should have their own qualifiers while So Cal and Nor Cal have their own as well, making 4 qualifiers for the last slot by the time evo rolls around. We can then have those 4 guys fight it out either in a round robin or in a 4 man double elim tourney.

D. Hyo- do you think other ec regions with possible contendors should get a shot as well? (ex: Chi Town)

Of course I’m going to throw my hat into the ring and say that I think I should at least be considered for team EC.

If you’re going to consider Wigfall, Infinite, Isaac, and yourself, you’d better consider me as well, considering I’ve beaten all of you at one time or another, in and out of tournament.

Since you know the kind of person I am, I’m sure you understand that I’d be willing to play against any and all of you for that position. I’m scheduled to play Wigfall in a grudge match soon, and Mixup at ECC. If I beat either of these guys, I think that proves I should be on there above them.

KaiSing raises an interesting point: Chicago at least has three notable players (Floe, MadBooFace and Juicy G) who have done well in the past. I’m sure there must be one or two other good players somewhere that are neither EC or WC.

On top of all that, there is a LOT of controversy on who is EC, and who is “Empire.” I’m sorry but Ricky Ortiz has no place on any EC team, because he’s NOT FUCKING EAST COAST. Passing over someone who’s lived on this coast for their entire life and represented to the fullest for that little fruit is pretty insulting if you ask me. I don’t care how good he is…

…I’d beat him anyway.

Rumor has it that TFGM wants an all-Empire MvC2 team for the grudge match at EVO. I don’t think that’s going to go down too well with non-Empire guys like me, WIgfall, Isaac, and others.

Edit: Just to show I’m not thinking only about myself, I feel that Rick Mears, Pungzaa, and Shawn Morgan should also be considered.

I think i’m alot better than most of wc not to sound cocky or anything, but is seattle considered wc? If so then I cant say because i never faced seattle players, anyway i think there should be a tournament to decide this after ecc since i’m coming back to EC this spring, and I probably will be at evo.

lol. dont play yourself. what you think is not what you know. i bet i can beat you with whatever damn team you use.

Don’t forget Potter and Amir on the WC side! Potter places as consistently high in tourneys as Combofiend, and while Amir doesn’t enter a lot of tourneys, he’s up there for sure (and this is coming from someone who clows on his style of play constantly :lol: )

Hmm, it seems like the idea of having a tournament to decide the top 5 EC players, is being said more and more lately. The thing about that is, us EC players would all have to come to an agreement to have a tournament to decide the top 5.

I’m not sure how this is going to go down so, I guess only time will tell. ECC9 may end up deciding everything.

Stop being angry/overconfident, it will get you nowhere. I should know i wrote the book.

  1. Justin Wong - he would be on the team for the fact he won all the tournys hes been in.

  2. Sanford Kelly- pretty much a beast, wins if justin isnt there and gets 2nd when he is there most of the time. almost beat justin at nec3

  3. Demon Hyo - gets top 5 alot and wins philly tournys

  4. Josh Wigfall - got 2nd at ecc8, got top 8 at evo2k3. but stopped playing for awhile but still a beast.

5.Mixup - floridas killer, almost beat justin at ecc8. wins all his tournys

  1. Xecutioner - always gets top 4 and is a beast

  2. Rick Mears - eh, hes a kool kid, kinda random, places top 5 or whatever sometimes.dont think he should be on it though.

  3. Isaac Graham(Tryanidman) - mini-mixup, msp for life player. hes md’s beast.

  4. Ricky Ortiz - he was on ec for like a year or whatever buts its been another year he has been on the wc. doesnt live here so i dont consider him ec.

  5. Micheal Williams(Infinite) - im a beast, get top 5 or whatever. i dun really like talking about myself but my cable is pretty ill.

homie, please. dont ever put me and you in a same reference. you wrote the book on claiming skills you wish you had but your thoughts never kept up with your reality. put your money where your mouf is, and lets play for some cash. i use whatever team you use. best out of 3 or 5 or whatever you want. and yes or no reply will confirm this bet. other then that, dont speak unless spoken to.

I dont want you to make a suckers bet like mirror matching me, since i feel it would cheapen the victory for me in the event that by some miracle I defeat the mighty one wink wink fucking wink van winkle you should come to ecc, since i have the evo curse, where everything goes wrong and i end up not making evo every fucking year, hopefully that wont happen and we can have the match there.

Btw, this is not a beefing style grudge match, because i’m sick of those, they only bring loud annoying side liners who give me the urge to punch them in the kisser. :lol:

im sure if you punched a side liner, youd get punched back. even if you dont want me to mirror match, i will. and yes, this isnt a “beefing style grudge match”. and this isnt me talking shit, but i dont think you are good enough for me to beef with. i just want to take your money. on top of that, i dont beef over games. if i go to ecc, then ill beat you there. if i dont, and you show up to evo then ill be happy to beat you at evo. the environment doesnt have much affect in helping you win either way. nahmean? :slight_smile:

Team EC goes like this:

  1. Demon Hyo

  2. Demon Hyo

  3. Demon Hyo

  4. Demon Hyo

  5. Demon Hyo

  6. Demon Hyo

  7. Demon Hyo

  8. Demon Hyo

  9. Demon Hyo

Team WC pretty much looks something like this:

  1. Demon Hyo

  2. Demon Hyo

  3. Demon Hyo

  4. Demon Hyo

  5. Demon Hyo

  6. Demon Hyo

  7. Demon Hyo

  8. Demon Hyo

  9. Demon Hyo

  10. Demon Hyo

So it basically goes like this: Demon Hyo plays on both side of the machine against himself and we’ll finally settle WC vs. EC dispute once and for all.

Finals will be Demon Hyo vs. Passion…
I predict hyo wins by a landslide against the holy one, why?
because he’s DEMON FUCKING HYO. I heard ny is his cage. He is that much of a beast.

Potter, umm… what the?:confused::lol:

Infinite, those were some good points, nice post.:cool:

Soo and Evil Rahsaan, calm down.:slight_smile:

Potter speaks the truth

even for a mexican :[

Sanford mentioned somewhere in some thread that he might not be able to go.

Which players do you all think should be on Team EC/WC in MVC2 this year at EVO2K

This is mixup and I have a couple of things to say about this one…

Anyways here are the list of the top EC players.

  1. Justin Wong [of course](repeat brackets)

  2. Sanford Kelly(look up)

  3. Demon Hyo (myself) I also agree with this, you seem to have dropped the character who was holding you back(and winning for you as well). Your skills are better than I think I’ve seen them yet. we need another magneto who’s capable of 1 hit kills consistently(and is patient enough to wait for them)

another thing to consider is how well you do when you travel to other cities. Cali is ALOT different than everywhere else(i was constantly surprised by everyones level of offense) I believe you will do well on the team BUT keep this in mind brandon.

  1. Josh Wigfall I dunno what to think about josh, he seems to be playing again but i haven’t seen him play. If he can hold it down like I know he can…(considering I’ve been owned by him in every tourney i try to beat him in) I have faith in him but i don’t know if he has faith in himself…

5.Mixup: myself, I’ve been doing alot of practicing pretty consistently throughout the year, I learned alot more about the game. I hope to make the team but we’ll see if i can earn it.

  1. Xecutioner:X is da man, he’s powaful…I demand he play a sentinel team this year though…his mag is good but why play your good character when you’re god with another?)

  2. Rick Mears:I’m am not sure how rick will do under pressure. I don’t think he’s EVER traveled, if thats NOT the case then we have no reason to doubt his ability to hold it down. He’s a REALLY good and SAFE player, I’ve never seen anyone play quite like him…

  3. Isaac Graham (Tryanidman) Isaac is quickly on the come-up, I’m left wondering how comfy he will be playing in cali and under the pressure.

  4. Ricky is the man(2nd fucking place…c’mon) but he doesn’t live over here…He’s empire so it’ll probably be up to tfgm anyways.

  5. Micheal Williams : Lets see whats up with your cable at fr7(lesser mike :p)

you know i’m just playin, your style seems to be rounding out VERY nicely in some of the matches i see. I dunno what to think, we’ll gameout at fr…

One player in particular was left out

Jon Sindel: The last top player he beat was X(whom i haven’t even beaten) His style is BEYOND solid and i think it will throw most wc players for a loop. I am behind him 150% because I have seen what he is capable of. He is definetly worth considering. He is very solid under pressure, even when he’s losing, he’s got very high comeback ability, solid defense, understands more than ALOT of people when it comes to the game.

He has never traveled to the wc which is a big fuckin deal tho

I personally believe justin should pick the team, he knows more about the game, analyzes players better and is straight up a better judge of a player than all of us. Otherwise he would have not picked up on something from a player and lost to him by now. I’m all for the tourney idea as well since the Darkhorses will get their chance. My only problem with that(and this is going to sound kinda stupid) the better player might lose…

anyways guys, hopefully i didn’t offend anyone(if i did fuck you then foo! i’m nice)

Mixup, that was a interesting post man. Thanks for the props by the way.:smiley: And yeah, I had to drop IM. I already proved to everybody that IM can be godlike for years now and I have nothing else to prove with him.

I also believe Justin should pick the team, but i’d personally rather do the tournament to decide it once and for all. I want to earn my spot just as everybody rightfully should and I think the tournament should be at ECC9 or sometime before it.

It will be awsome to see the true skills of players come out when playing in the tournament to decide team EC. That’s if the tournament happens.

1. Justin Wong
2. Mixup
3. Sanford
4. X
5. Ricky Ortiz, If not Ricky then I think Issac Graham should get the spot.

1. Soo
2. Kuan
3. Row
4. Combofiend or David Lee
5. Potter or Junior B

Looks up at comments in the thread

Thinks to himself how fucked up it is that the East Coast STILL gives him no respect

I’m sorry, but I guess I’m going to have to beat all of your asses AGAIN. Maybe you all didn’t remember the first few times I kicked you all over the place.

Infinite and I are 1-1. I’ll beat him in a grudge match easy. No more fucking Cable pussy bullshit, it’s time to fucking beast his ass.

Demon Hyo? You’ve always had skills Brandon but fact of the matter is, after reading this thread, I’m pissed off. Consider yourself beasted on.

Josh Wigfall? He’s always been good and one of the most solid players there are. But I’m sorry, he fell off. If I can OCV him with team Santhrax, not even my best team anymore, that’s pretty bad.

Mixup? We’ll see at ECC.

Isaac? Very good player, awesome MSP. But he can’t beat Santhrax. He couldn’t beat MY Santhrax, and my Santhrax isn’t that good. He’s probably the best sole-MSP on the east coast, but I don’t know how he’s going to fight good Sentinel teams.

Ricky Ortiz, again, is not East Coast. Stop mentioning his name.

Rick Mears is a great player, but he chokes (lost to Pungzaa at the Break), and doesn’t travel. Scratch him off the list too.

Desmond? Undoubtedly one of the best over here. But over here, and over there, are two different stories. He never does well in Cali, and I don’t know why. I’d like to play Desmond in another set to gauge myself and see how much better I’ve gotten, but last time we played, he beat me 5-3. Pretty close.

Sanford? The man has always been a beast. YES he should be on the team, but he needs to get pumped up and have proper coaching. Without it he gets nervous and will make mistakes. He’s the next Justin IMO and he should be on the team 100%. AND I also want to play Sanford in a set…I haven’t played him in ages for more than 1 game at a time.

Justin Wong. Nuff’ said.

SO, whoever the hell on this list thinks they’re outright better than me, and deserves a spot on this fucking team over me, come and prove it. AGAIN, I’ve beaten:

-Demon Hyo
-Josh Wigfall

All convincingly before, some in tourney play. I’m really fucking insulted that my name hasn’t come up. If you’re going to disrespect me just because I don’t win tournies (because I rarely go and I don’t CARE) then come and prove you’re better than me.

FUCK man, you guys really pissed me off bad this time.