Which Projectile-less character(s) is good for beginners?


If I were to disregard all my knowledge on Street Fighter 4 and start from scratch as a new player, I would have an interest in using a character that has no projectile in the form of a fireball. Which character would you choose for me that would have standard options and control tools(possible growth in technicality in playstyle) that would be good for a beginner?


T.Hawk, Balrog, Cammy, and Bison are all pretty easy and good characters.


No grapplers as a beginner, you have to be pretty knowledgable and creative to get around stuff and a solid neutral game to make the most of them. You also leave out a big chunk of SF4 which grappler hardly us. Charge character are mostly fine, extremely good for learning the neutral game but you can’t really change up their playstyle unless you are more advanced with them, in that respect they are a bit linear. They have a straightforward playstyle though. Balrog and Bison.

Cammy and Yun are good for beginners as their combos aren’t that difficult and also allow for growth and have a straightforward gameplan.
Cody also if you don’t consider his bad stone a projectile like a fireball, it isn’t nearly as usefull either, however he is basically a handicapped Cammy.
I see you have a Guy avatar, he’s pretty difficult for a beginner and has an unorthodox playstyle, overall he has a big learning curve. He does however teaches some grea skills which you can apply with other character. Extremely good hitconfirming is a necessity with him, teaches good anti-airing, how to apply pressure in the form of frame traps and staggering of light attacks. Guy also has solid buttons for the neutral game which he can use as pokes and counterpokes.

Balrog, Bison, Cammy, Yun, (Cody)
Best of the bunch are Cammy and Yun


Best beginner character w/o projectiles is balrog IMO.


Abel. throws for days.


I agree with al of these choices, though I’d say for charge characters I’d also put Boxer there because of the variety of moves he has on charge. He as a learnable ‘pre-buffer’ ultra combo that takes a nice amount of damage, and he has a neat turtle game.

I’d pick Cammy over Yun(or to learn Cammy before Yun) because I feel her mix-ups are quicker to learn and she seems to me to be a character who has more obvious dive kick setups than Yun.

*And yeah Guy is the man lol. I’ve been working on him for quite sometime and I feel as if he’ll be my main character in the long term


I think with T.Hawk you’d need to learn more about spacing before you get to use a grappler like him. I understand that he can cover space faster than most grapplers, but utilizing his normals when not in SPD range takes some mastery


(T. Hawk has pretty horrible match-ups as well still I’d imagine.)

I don’t really play any version of Street Fighter 4 anymore presently, but, yeah, grapplers are kind of bad for beginners. If they absolutely want to play one, then despite all the (arguably negative) changes to Zangief, he still has the easiest “get off me” special move via his Lariats being motionless commands. He also has actually decent pokes unlike E. Fuerte or T. Hawk or unoiled Hakan; I don’t know much about Hugo’s pokes, though they’re probably still largely his bizarre ones from Third Strike.

Despite my voluntary abstention, I have to agree that Cammy and (sigh) Yun would be rather good beginner motion characters that don’t have projectiles. I also agree that Guy isn’t one, though, given his movement options are way different from most of the rest of the cast due to his run, flip and somewhat floaty jump arc. He’s a good character, but he may be a bit “advanced” for someone just wanting to try get a general feel of the game without projectiles, especially since a lot of his moves just blow through fireballs when done correctly and he has atypical pressure due to run canceling stuff.

(Cody isn’t a beginner character either, as much as I also like that character, given he’s still all about “frame-trapping” even with the improvements to the knife, which is itself completely unique to him.)

I’m surprised that I didn’t see Fei Long mentioned among motion characters even though he’s all about the fundamentals of spacing and poking even with some of his specials. Given how important that is to the game still…yeah.

Charge character-wise, yeah, Balrog (Boxer) is probably the easiest still and he might be the best beginner projectile-less character to get into overall. I agree that Bison (Dictator) is also probably rather easy to pick up to a degree. Not sure if any of the other projectile-less charge characters would save for maybe Decapre (who technically has a projectile via her Ultra I). Honda still relies too much on comboing from links via hands; Vega has an atypical system no one else does via his equipment; Blanka is…Blanka.

TL;DR - Good motion beginner characters: Cammy, Fei Long, Yun.
Good charge beginner characters: Balrog (Boxer), M. Bison (Dictator), [maybe] Decapre.


I wouldn’t recommend Yun for a beginner, because it’s very likely you wont learn footsies with him at all. If anything he’ll just make you jump more. I’d say the same for Cammy as well.