Which pros to watch


I am wanting to start watching a lot more high level play.

Should I just watch finals of top comps or do you guys have specific players you like to watch playing.

For MKX and SFV.

I have gotten to the point where I am confident with my execution. And I can often see what went wrong and find a way around it. But sometimes I feel like my choices are still rather scrubby.

So hopefully watching better players really helps in real life play as much as it does in my head.


Lupe Fiasco


It depends on what you are looking for specifically. I watch players who use my characters so I can learn from their play styles and adapt them into my own. As a F.A.N.G main favorite players to watch are Xian and Sonicfox. I find Lamerboi,PRbalrog, Filipinochamp,flashmetrioid and Chris G entertaining as well.


Your mom. Best pro there is.


I’m pretty much just wanting to see how pros react in different situations. Not necessarily any specific characters. I will check out the guys you mentioned though.

My mother doesn’t post any vids online. So I cant really spy on her play. And when we play MKX with each other I don’t record our play. So it’s more about adaptive play in those situations. Hence wanting to see more pros. To develop a more rounded understanding.


Always watch the Japanese


Japs are actually good at fighting games, watch them.


Haha, thats not racist at all.

But agreed. They have that Asian magic.