Which PS2 to PS3 adapters work on current FW?


I am in need of a PS2 to PS3 controller adapter. I’ve read a lot of threads on here and elsewhere stating some that dont work. I have a 360 fightstick, but when I play at others’ houses some of them have the PS3 version of whatever game they want to play.

I dont want this just for a PS2 fightstick but to also use in other games. I get the L2/R2 analog and sixaxis wont work. I only have one DS3 so having the ability to have another PS3 controller would be great.

It doesn’t need to be fancy, just lagless if possible. This is just for recreational use, I dont play in any tournaments or anything.

So right now 9/10/12, what ps2 to ps3 adapters definitely work on the current PS3 FW? Anyone recommend the one they use?


I have the cheapest one, some no-name crap I bought for 20 zlotys (around $5). It works good, lags are pretty much none (or I don’t see any, since I am not a good player ;D).


Do you know what brand/item it is? Maybe a link to buy it somewhere?


It’s completely brandless :smiley: It doesn’t have any writing on it (I’ll double-check when I get home). Like I said, the cheapest there is, bought mostly for testing purposes, but worked out pretty well.

I bought it by Allegro (polish Ebay), right here: http://allegro.pl/przejsciowka-na-1-pad-z-ps2-do-ps3-s-bialystok-i2562259120.html


reverse image search led me here. http://www.isudar.com/index.php/article/products/products_221.html

I’ll try one out via amazon since I have some credit. Hope it works on current firmware. Are the analog sticks as sensitive and smooth as a normal dualshock? I have a third party ps3 controller and it sucks. If I’m playing a game with say a cursor or reticle it seems to jump around when I move the sticks, as if it has a low framerate or something. I assume it has something to do with the wireless since there is also mad lag with it.


be careful though, because sometimes even if they are seemingly lagless for some sticks/controllers, you might notice major latency issues with others, i have a few of those brandless converters (from Amazon too), works well on my HRAP2, dualshock2’s,… but noticeably lags on Hori T5 stick and my hori compact stick… it works well on sony controllers, but if you have thirdparty/aftermarket controllers, you might get issues…

and sometimes if you get “PS2->PC converter” (which also works on current PS3 firmware), you might get switched button mapping, it gets annoying.


The biggest issues I’ve encountered with no-name converters (anything to anything else) usually isn’t lag (though that can sometimes be an issue) it’s the complete lack of a home function i.e. if someone else screws up the controller mapping on a console it’s going to be a pain in the ass to get your controller to work w/out rebooting the console.