Which PS3 controller to mod


I am nearly complete and have gone through 2 ‘Afterglow’ controllers. I’ve lost pads on each and have had no luck drilling them. They’re double sided PCBs so the drilling is even more complicated.

I’ve get the idea that I’m supposed to use a MadCats wired Fight pad, but can’t find one of these anywhere to buy online. Could I use this one? If so does anyone have a pic of the PCB?

Thanks in advance everyone. I’ve sunk more than I should have into this but have enjoyed putting it together to this point =).




Sorry. It is unclear what you are trying to do. I have no idea if you are trying to get a PS3 pad to work on 360 or vice versa.


My bad. I’m trying to do a full custom stick. I’ve got everything set up but I’ve gone through 2 actual controllers and failed to get the soldering totally right.

Whats the best PS3 controller to mod for a full custom stick. I used afterglows (see link above) but cannot find a wired ps3 fight pad. Any ideas?


You could just get a Cthuhlu PCB. No soldering required. Toodles Cthulhu for PC/PS3

Important to know how you should wire it up. I think this picture is a good description?

More infor here?Joystick Controller - PCB and Wiring

Of course, if you had to do a padhack, a PS3 SIXAXIS is a really easy hack with AXISdapter. You plug it into the controller PCB, and you can also wire it up solderlessly. Toodles Axisdapter Board Then, you also get wireless on your stick for free.


If you don’t mind not having a home button and not being able to dual-mod, the komodo controller from meritline is cheap and very easy to hack:

Komodo Wired USB Controller For PS3, Model NXP3-050 - Meritline.com

The PCB is small and has holes from each of the contacts - just need to desolder a few ribbons.

But if you’d really rather not solder, want expandability, reliability, and a home button, get the cthluhu.

EDIT: Obligatory link to the “padhacking thread”: http://shoryuken.com/f177/-padhacking-thread-113675/


Second this. This is Easy mode in stick modding.

Originally thought that you might be trying to get a PS3 sixaxis dual modded to work on a Xbox 360. The madcatz ps3 fightpads are wireless (via USB dongle) only.


I bought a Toodles Cthulhu for PC/PS3. Kind of upset that I put 40+ into a pair of controllers when I could have bought that. But all will be well if it comes together.