Which ps3 I should buy on ebay?

I am looking on picking up a ps3 on ebay and would like to get the best deal possible. I just don’t know what model to get. I will probably not get the slim so should I go with the 60 or 80 gig fatty version?
I have not been following ps3 so I am not even sure if these systems had the same problem as the old 360. Or should I just save more and get a new slim?
Suggestions greatly appreciated :tup:

Well from past experience, I use to have the 80bg (fatty model) sold that and bought the 120gb Slim. From what I heard, the newer slimmer models are built better so there’s less chance of the dreaded YLOD (pretty much same as xbox’s RROD) I personally have never got the YLOD but didn’t want to take a chance and upgraded. I have got both playstation and xbox consoles, honestly I probably gonna get flamed, but I much prefer the PS3. Maybe I am biased because the Xbox has given me soo much problems with the RROD.

Meh, it’s microshaft’s own fault for making a poorer product. Honestly, if something breaks less than the other, it only follows common sense you’d like the more durable one.

60GB fatty for full PS2 backwards compatibility (hardware based, not the software emulation on the 80GB).

Get the 60GB or the 80GB deluxe (deluxe has chrome paneling, 4 USB ports and the media card slots). If they say its the Metal Gear Solid 4 system then its the 80GB deluxe. The original 20GB has the hardware backwards compatibility but no WiFi (which will matter eventually). Only problem is that the PS2 compatible systems cost about as much as a new system if you want one in good condition.

Don’t worry if you think the 60GB is too small, PS3 hard drives are easy as hell to upgrade.

Yellow Light of Death does occur, but its much rarer than Red Ring of Death. Only one person I know has it, and he treated his PS3 like shit (sitting on carpet).

what d3v and ryucross said.

The best model out there is the 60gb backwards compatability, but it will probably cost as much as a new PS3 slim.

The choice, is yours.

i agree. its what i have. and love it. sucks the other dont support it.


<------ trust me it does.
lets assumed capcom made a laggier game for the ps3 cause they hate it <3

I’m curious, with the PS2 backward compatible systems, is it only the 80gb versions with software emulation that suffer lag, or do the hardware emulators have a bit of it too, I’ve never checked that out.
Anyway, I have a 60gb PS3, had it for over 3 years without any issues. Threw in a 360gb drive in there, about to bump it up to a 500gb, easy to do. Though I will say, a PS2 costs about $50 and under these days, if you don’t mind having a second system getting the new one might be better if you’re really concerned about an older model failing on you.

I upgraded my old PS3 with a 500 gb HD no problem and I have a PS2 slim that I use for PS2 games. As far as I can tell, getting a 60 or 40 gb PS3 for cheap and upgrading the HD and getting a separate PS2 wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Hardware based models (60GB, 20GB) also have input delay on PS2 games.

buy the 60GB.

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Secrets of the Playstation 3

That guide linked is great - I would say to avoid any model that uses the old single-lens blu-ray drive. 3 of my friends had these, and all three of them had to eventually replace the laser. They worked fine for 1-2 years, but then all of them pooped out around the same time (I know because I was the one that replaced it for them, lol).

(sadly, yes, this includes the backwards-compatible ones)

Think about if you really need hardware PS2 support and weigh that with the extra you’d need to pay, as well as the extra risk of the blu-ray drive quitting on you ($40-$60 for a DIY repair). If you don’t need it, I’d go with a newer model.

I have the 80gb “deluxe” one (motorstorm bundle) for about 3 years and the lens just recently died out. I’ve had it replaced by someone who does RROD repair and it’s rather easy. If you’re comfy opening up your PS3 to get to the drive, you can pretty much just buy a replacement lens and do it yourself. I didn’t want to risk it so I had someone who’s been doing it for a while do it and I watched the whole process. I was planning on replacing it with a slim but I like having 4 USB ports rather than just 2. I’ve been lucky to not have YLOD problems though.

Basically, just be careful in case you decide to buy a used phat, as it might be near its time to have the lens replaced.