Which Punch button do you hold for zonk knuckle?



For the first few months of me playing Cody, I didn’t really use this move that much. But now that I know how essential it is in certain match-ups (Claw, fireball characters, etc) I know I should be using it more.

The question is which punch do you think is the one you should hold down to use it? Just a curiousity thread more than anything. I tend to hold down HP cause you could negative edge (I think that’s the term) the criminal upper if you do a combo, plus you have the option to end a combo with a ruffian kick instead.



HP for sure, I don’t really use it outside of cr.hp frame trapping mainly, so not a lot is lost. Besides, you need lp to throw/tech, and mp is too good of a button to throw away.


Fierce. Jab is too important in SF4, and you lose throw tech if you hold down that button. Strong is your anti-air button and one of Cody’s best counter-hit tools.

Never tried doing Criminal Upper with negative edge. I always assumed that a charged Zonk would override that command.


It depends, if I cross up I’ll hold use jab and plink MK when I plan to cross up, if it connects, then i follow up with mp, cr.mp let it go for bingo. If not like most, I’ll use HP. I will switch it up against grapplers where I’ll hold the M, if I even need to so I can chuck far and short rocks…


For reg. Zonk it’s always hp.; for EX it’s mp. and hp.