Which Rose color do you use?

This thread is just for fun. Which alt and color do you use?

For me I like Alt. 2 Color 4 (green)

Original - Color 2 (Pink and Blue)
Alt 1 - Any Color
Alt 2 - Color 8/10

I don’t use Alt 3 lol.

Original - Color 2 (Pink)


Keepin’ it classy

Original - Color 1

Always ;).


you will never see me in an alt lol.

Wedding black red and greek, alt 2 white

Alt 3, Color 7? ( blue with red midsection )

lol hater.

I personally get really bored of the original costume.

You won’t ever see me in the wedding dress though lol. I love the gypsy costume :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wedding dress for life. The white one. And the blue one sometimes if I feel like it. Though I did play as goth Rose for like a week after AE came out to mourn the death of Super Rose.

The height of my fighting game career has to be when a random Ibuki player I played on XBL sang “Here Comes The Bride” for our entire match over voice chat.

I use original #2 (pink with white scarf) for offline when they don’t have alt 3 though.

Original, Color 4 (black dress, red scarf and buttons)
Alt 1, Color 10 (black and red D&D thief thing)

Golden Alt 3 (I forget the color number) looks pretty good too, I think. Guaranteed “Cinderella” or “Belle from Beauty and the Beast” comments while playing as that. :rofl:

I’ve seen you use the wedding dress on Youtube xD

Green, its my personal favorite color.

I like the electric blue on alt 3 though.

I only used the wedding dress back when I first got it so I don’t feel like I wasted the money.

Then I stopped.

wedding white, i might use wedding black or pink. I like pink gypsie, and peacock hat rose too

Goth Rose (Black Alt 3)

Although I’m going back to Original 8 (or was that 7? The beigey grey one), because I’m getting a bit sick of going goth, and I neutral and boring fitsRrose. :wink:

I figured in a Rose Alt 3 (turns out Color 2 is the yellow-ish one) vs Oni match earlier. Perfect. :rofl:

I use Alt 2 color 4 and 10

I use original Costum , Green dress (so color 8 I think.)

Beige Dress is costume 8. Green dress is 9.

I think costume choice in color is a big confidence booster; I have to have costumes that I like playing in or else I lose.

That’s why I’ve learned to like Rose Original 2 for if that’s my last choice haha.

Original 7, blue and white. Or original 2 whenever I go anywhere, because no one plays rose so her colors are never unlocked.