Which Ryu colour is the best?



Which Ryu colour is the best which hypes up ur gameplay?

I can’t decide between LP Ryu or MK Ryu but original edges SSFT2 out.

As I feel the original colour, Strategy wise gives me an edge


blue head band ?,
SSF2T Ryu has a blueish/blackish Gi and a yellow headband


It’s called “Strategy Zone” for a reason. Get the fuck out.


I would say don’t take this personally but I would be lying

Fuck You


Dirty-old RH color wins


Ryu is my fav char of all time but whoever selected the very last option needs some serious help :confused:


I chose the last one.

Why is this in Strategy though?


hey if it helps u play with him in the game sense. So what goes through ur mind when he does a hurricane kick ?