Which Ryu is the best?! EXHIBITION MATCH: Watson vs Daigo


Many many years ago, Tomo Ohira ruled Southern California as the top street fighter player in the nation. He won over 100 tournaments from SF2 World Warrior to Hyper Fighting. Tomo was featured in videos and magazines the nation over.

Tomo would soon discover the intriguing world of girls, cars and deejaying. Therefore Tomo vanished from the Street Fighter Community. When this happened, it was Tomo’s young friend and rival who was ready to begin his era of Street Fighter dominance. This young teen was Mike Watson.

Since then, Mike has carved his legacy in the Street Fighter world. Mike has won National Titles, been featured in Game Pro, Tips n Tricks, and the Versus Alpha Guides. Mike was a member of Team USA that travelled to Japan in the documentary Bang The Machine.



Alex “Calipower” Valle even credits Watson, saying it was Watson who who was influential in “breeding” his skills.


Mike has never stopped dominating. And after all these years, after all the accolades and awards, Mike still looks fondly back to his time with Tomo. The time when they battled it out in masterful Hyper Fighting Ryu mirror matches.

Daigo Umehara aka The Beast. As Kuni says, “God in form.” Daigo is arguably the most famous Street Fighter player in the world. He first came to the American eye when he won the National Alpha 3 Tournament in Japan, and later cementing his legacy by defeating Alex Valle to claim the title of A3 World Champion. He is only one of two people on the planet to have won two different games at EVO in the same year (the other being John Choi).

Daigo is consistently in the Japanese SF scene. He flew from Japan to the National Gamestop SFIV Exhibition and defeated Justin Wong, Poongko and Iyo. He is an expert in Alpha 3, CvS 2, Third Strike, SFIV and everyone’s favorite Old Man’s Game: Super Turbo.


Daigo’s Ryu in ST is godlike. In his hands, Ryu is precise and possesses the divine Ume-shoryu. All his peers recognize his skills. Daigo is truly “God in form.”


Now, the question is: through *all *the Capcom games, which incarnation of Ryu is the strongest? It boils down to 2: Hyper Fighting Ryu or Super Turbo Ryu?

At EVO, we’ll get our answer!!

In a First to 7 set, Watson will play Hyper Fighting Ryu and Daigo will play ST Ryu in a no-holds-barred Ryu master battle. This will be on Anniversary Edition. The winner gets bragging rights and the Golden Ryu Trophy.

Since schedules are all tentative with the enormous SFIV Turney, the plan is to do this Friday night. Keep your eyes peeled in the BYOC area, and prepare yourself. This is going to be a master class in Shoto.

See you all in Vegas!


jaw drops

Geeeet hyyyyypppeeee


I feel like this is exactly what AE was made for.


I don’t go to Evo and all of this stuff is happening. Going to be one hell of a match to whoever goes and watches it.


wow, lucky im hella practiced up for this… haha, hope i can get in tune real quick :slight_smile: also glad i knew about all but 3 minutes ago via aim from edma…

thanks for the heads up vic. i feel like the kid in school who got nominated to fight the bully just because im hated.


vic: siiiick


Dude wow… I really want to see this.


Someone record this please!


Which version of AE do you plan on using? The supposedly new new Japanese console version that gets rid of all the problems or a supergun?


this evo is TOO BONKERS !


This will be the Playstation version of AE. Played on my Cigarbob sticks for true arcade feel.


So many events posted, I’ll try to record this one!


At what speed will this be played?

Just make sure it all goes down in Ryu’s stage with the CPS1 music!


Man you wrote that great introduction and then…

This is such a non sequitur. In what alternate universe is that “the” question? What about CE Ryu?

Fuck dude just let them choose any characters they want.
Daigo @ CE Guile, CE Sagat, CE Ryu, ST Ryu vs.
Watson @ whatever Ryu he prefers, ST Balrog, etc.

More interesting imo.

PS - AE sucks



Lol. That’s a great idea.


Because if they picked whoever vs whoever, then it might as well just be Watson vs Daigo ft7 AE. And that’s hype and all, but making it about who’s Ryu is the best, and both are Ryu masters, is more hype imo.

Besides, I’ve already got my Golden Ryu statue to give the winner;)


ya, you didn’t think about the gold statue now did you?


Does Watts prefer HF Ryu to CE Ryu? I mean heh I’ll leave you alone but he should at least get to choose that one.

EDIT: doop dee doop



When I asked Watts, I believe he liked Hyper over CE.


Yeah this doesn’t make any sense to me either. It’s supposed to be battle for the best ryu, but you would think ST Ryu has the advantage. HF chars weren’t meant to deal with supers and tech throws.

No matter what though this is going to be awesome but HF or ST mirrors would make more sense as an even battle field for best Ryu.


Well watson does read the forums, He posted earlier, I’m sure if he doesn’t like something he will speak up on his own behalf. Doubt he’s being blackmailed into it lol.