Which saga?


Now that I’m doing the Street Fighter Vs King of Fighters Part one, some say maybe I chose the wrong saga. Personally, I’m glad you gave me feedback cause it made me think that maybe my intended saga(my custom NESTS storyline) Since what I do is for all KOF players(including me) once again, I give the power to all of you.

Now since this is what my forth poll(someone stop me!)in the last week, I’ll give you the chance to vote. Which saga do you want me to do. Once again, thanks and my bad about all this pointless polls(Ahhhyyyah!)


When the fuck did SRK turn into fucking fanfiction.net?


No, that’s just me. Remember, this is not the only thing I do. I also post combos for characters and stuff you would do in the Strategy Zone. Besides, I’m being original.