Which Samurai Shodown game is your favorite?


I know how infamous poll threads can be, but I feel not many people have asked this question among the fighting game community since Tenka’s release. SS2 is the most popular among OG and casual gamers, but what does the ever-lovin’ SRK community think? Please provide a response in the thread to coincide with your vote along with any additional comments. Please keep it friendly. :smile:


I love them all but love Tenka the most…Yes many say its sacreligious etc and I understand that from an OG POV…but having every groove and every character is a dream come true.

Needs more levels but hey I still love it.


i like 5sp and tenka :7)


i have to say 2 but 4 is a close second


Samurai 5 special, and 4 and 2 cause of its nostalgia

Tenka sucks by the way yeah i said it, i have it for ps2 and i dont like it one bit:annoy:

where the hell is the blood, and the fatalities:annoy:


SS2 and Tenka


As I said many say Tenka no because its sacriligious…meaning no blood, fatalities…no stuff that pays homage to the older SamSho games…thats where I’m coming from…

Many say its Sam Sho meets CVS2.


I feel the same way, but I like 4 just a little better than 2.

I just like everything about 4, from the games fast speed, to the 2 different grooves, to the insane Rage combos and the blood baths when slicing your opponent in half at close range! :lovin:

Why did I say this? Becuase there’s going to be a few people on here who are going to turn this topic into a “Which is the BEST Samurai Shodown?” Which this thread is not about.


that was also why i like for and they made charlott mad strong in 4 shes like the only character i play the grooves though were pretty cool.


SS2 has my vote.


QFT! :tup:


tenka and ss5sp

4 is cool too though, even though its hella broken iirc.


SS2 and SS5SP are the best i’ve played. Haven’t had a chance to play tenka yet, and 4 is the worst one in the whole series. So my list from best to worst would be SS2 & 5SP>SS3>SS1>SS4.


Definitely Tenka. I liked SS5’s system, but most people I know prefer SS1/2 or SS4. Being able to pick which game’s system to use for your character is fantastic. Combined with all the characters, this game is great at making every SS fan happy.

Also, playing as Andrew Jackson on the White House stage is hilarious.

Dark Geese is right though, the game really could’ve used more stages, there are so few and most are boring.


I’d like to pose a subquestion here: How do people generally find the first SS? I have heard varied opinions between love and hate. I have also heard some claims that it takes more skill to play than its sequels. Can anyone elaborate on that? Sorry to digress.


Picked Special due to its heavy goodness, but I havne’t played Tenka. I want to bad though.


SS 1 is about pokes also but in SS1 there is nothing else…pokes…NO SUPERS…nothing…straight up hack n slash…

I tell you what…How Bout I hold a future Sam Sho 1 tourney and get it recorded for you?? Does that work Iapetus?


I like 4 the best, by far. Just as long as infinites are banned with some sort of rule like ‘can’t repeat a move in a combo if it is infinitely repeatable’. Because of that ss4 can really never become truly competitive on a bigger scale because no one wants to sit there and enforce rules. You can allow infinites, but some of them are so retardedly easy it’s just pretty dumb. It’s not like xvsf or hnk (which is more 100%'s but w/e) or mvc2 where it adds to the game.

But other than that it’s just so damn cool. Every character compared to their newer incarnations are so fucking buff in 4, there’s just tons of bs tactics to learn. The combos are fun and rely on positioning, something that has barely been relevant in SS besides 4. It’s by far the fastest and the fastest-paced. It’s just fucking fun.

One day you’ll see the light…


I REALLY hate the art style, graphics, and gameplay of everything that came after 2. Never got good look at Tenka…or a chance to play it.


Yeah, I’d dig that. Better yet, does anyone have tourney footage of SS1? SS1 was the only game I played back in the day due to my local arcade’s disdain for SNK. Having played them all except Tenka years later, I can see how bare bones it is now. But I have heard people say it is as broken as World Warrior while others say it is more balanced than SS2. I would just like to see where both sides are coming from. No criticizing or anything - I would just like to be a little enlightened.