Which SF character do you masturbate the most to?

Ken does it for me


Needs moar Ibuki.

Dat Genei-Jin Superart is sexy.

Oro, when he does his cr.RH and his penis shows.

Sakura… 14 yr old tomboys ftw.

Dudley, fuck yeah, that foo be packing a .52 down there.

All kinds of homo in here.

A variety of different nuclear fusion reactions take place inside the cores of stars, depending upon their mass and composition, as part of stellar nucleosynthesis. The net mass of the fused atomic nuclei is smaller than the sum of the constituents. This lost mass is converted into energy, according to the mass-energy equivalence relationship E = mc.

The hydrogen fusion process is temperature-sensitive, so a moderate increase in the core temperature will result in a significant increase in the fusion rate. As a result the core temperature of main sequence stars only varies from 4 million K for a small M-class star to 40 million K for a massive O-class star.

^^ I loled

Damn, I really got turned on while reading this :razzy:


No homo

Chun Li just cuz I’m not going to be a pedo and start fapping to, like Grits said, 14 year old tomboys. But I dunno. I spent many sleepless nights whacking to Blaire from EX…

cammy, the classic backwards glance with the thumbs up and the ass showing was and is my faviorite pose of all time.

My holy trinity of FG Girls: Cammy/Morrigan/B.Jenet.

Hmm. Morrigan or Chun. Eternal Slumber or 50,000 pose points. Tough choice.


Morrigan…those tits are just to die for :looney:

lol @ some people posting seriously


Poison…? No…?


Anyone who doesn’t want to be wrapped in Zangief man love is just wrong.