Which SF Character's fighting style is most similar to Voldo from SC?


I have always been a fan of playing with Voldo in the Soul Calibur Series.

Which Character in Street Fighter do you think matches his fighting style most?


Dee Jay


Voldo has tools for most situations, so he can be played in a number of different ways… It depends on how you played him.

I find that, coming from a 3D base, you might be more at home with “footsies” characters- Fei-Long, Chun-Li, Vega, Balrog, Bison, Adon, Gen, Rose, Akuma (not in any particular order).

If you preferred Blind Stance mixups and rolling the dice you might want to go for mixup characters- Cammy, Ken, Yun, Cody, “vortex” characters (probably omitting a lot from this list).

Careful, mixups in this game feel a lot different from mid/low 50/50s.

Or you could just pick Hakan. …but I don’t think he’s as nearly as weird.

Regarding zoning (projectile) characters- Voldo doesn’t have the greatest range compared to a Nightmare/Seong-Mina/Raphael/Zasalamel/etc. so they will probably feel pretty alien to you. You could just play Ryu to learn SF overall from scratch, it’s your choice.


Thanks for the reply! I have had some experience playing SSFIV and so far I have mainly been playing Blanka & Ryu. Gen seems pretty cool, too (with the different stances).

I have never been playing Soul Calibur or Voldo on a particularly high level, the thing I liked most about Voldo was his “Trickster” Style - changing between stances and dashing back and forth really put people on the wrong foot and so far I have not found the same ability to confuse my opponent with movement and quick hit-and-run attacks in SSFIV.

I am also a bit unsure about Blanka as he seems a bit too defensive/reactive for my taste. Althought I really like his crossup abilities and his hop.


Sounds like you should be playing Gen, he is hard to master though.