Which SF chars will be hurt/benefited by the new system?


Main changes this game brings: Somewhat sped up jumps, ability to cancel normals into other normals (possibly into ex special moves?), withdrawal of focus attack system, ability to tech roll on knockdown.

There’s many more changes and feel free to list them in your analysis.

One thing I can say is that the removal of the focus attack system should be highly beneficial to characters who were weak against it. Chun li comes to mind. Unless they change her frame stats for hazanshu, I see it as being a relatively safe and spammable way to get in and mix up people. My prediction is she could be very strong in this game.

The ability to tech roll hurts a lot of characters whose main strategy was wakeup shenanigans. I don’t see cammy and akuma (assuming he’s in) being as good in this game, unless significant frame changes have been made to them ofcourse.

Edit: Maybe akuma won’t be hurt as much since most of his shenanigans lead to untechable knockdowns anyways. I don’t think you can roll on an untechable knockdown.


Just the fact Chun isn’t a charge character is already great to her


I think a number of characters will benefit from the fact that a blocked shoryuken can’t be saved through FADC. Of course, it’ll mean that it won’t be thrown out as often.


Some characters are going to benefit from some things… but get hurt by others… for instance now you can’t just focus Cammy’s divekicks or her st hk but she loses her vortex/mixup after spiral arrow due to the tech rolls. I guess characters free to vortex are going to love the tech rolls… but Cammy (as well as Chun, Heihachi) might be able to punish that shit for free with her super. Characters who can hurt Akuma’s teleport are probably characters who have less to fear about tech rolls unless they lose a Vortex. (but it’s not a total loss than)

Really hard to tell until the game is out.

Also in that vid which shows off Juri’s Cross Art she tech rolled out of a throw from Ryu.


Players are just gonna have to focus on old school offense now instead of wake up mixups/vortex.


It’s going to be funny when some people think this game is lame because they can’t knock down and Vortex.