¿Which SF new characters do you want to be included in "SFxTK"?

Since there will be few more surprises into the SF side according to Ono, which of the non-appearing characters in the SSFIV series do you want to make the cut? Please, vote just 3 of them.

My votes goes to:


Though I doubt there will be so many new ones (we already have Poison and Hugo).
All those** Karin** fans out there, please, follow me on twitter and let’s make some noise!

That’s a real unbiased poll you have there, lol.

That being said, I DID vote for Karin. She’s my choice as well.

Lol, I know, but don’t I deserve a spot in the game? I’ve already been too wasted!

**Q earns my vote. I need to know what the deal is with that sneaky bastard.

I’m only interested in characters that I can masturbate to, so I picked Q.

Aww man, Q all the way. Lemme see those Catch n Deadly Blow juggles!

Voted for Karin, Rolento, and Sodom (since the last two would obviously be teammates). Also, I’d really like a Street Fighter X Tekken sub-forum.

I’d luv to see a Karin & Lili team-up :slight_smile:

That it’s TRUE.
I don’t think both Sodom and Rolento will make it. If we count Cody and Guy too apart from Hugo and Poison, there’s too many Final Fight characters.
It would be great, but I don’t think this version of the game will include more than 40 characters (20 from each side)

Voted for Rolento, game needs more WEPANS! Plus he’d be cool to play as. Should of put Eagle in the poll too so I could’ve voted for him.

I don’t think that matters at all. Tbh I hope we get more of those characters instead someone like DJ. (Sorry D)

I prefer to have more “new faces” that the same old characters over and over again. There are many SF characters that deserve a spot. The problem is what Capcom really wants and plans to do.

I fucking love Oro’s supers.

I’ll go with Alex

I got into the FG scene after SFIV and although I’m not a “real” Third Strike player I would really like to see the type of interesting things that Oro and Q could possibly do in a game like SF x Tekken…I agree…mix it up!

Where are all the R. Mika votes come on people!

Okay I voted for Elena, R.Mika and Karin. We need more female characters!

And I also want to see some new faces.
Karin has many fans, I think she has a good chance.

Yeah, I know I have lots, but that’s not surprising :slight_smile:
Tekken side will probably have:

. Nina (confirmed)
. Julia (confirmed)
. Xiaoyu
. Lili (pretty confirmed)
. Asuka (pretty confirmed)

But as for SF side… it’s pretty difficult to say. I never thought Ibuki would made it this time (though I love her) so who knows. Fingers crossed for:

. Chun-Li (confirmed)
. Cammy (confirmed)
. Poison (confirmed)
. Ibuki (confirmed)
. Makoto (Ibuki’s partner?)
. Sakura
. Karin

But honestly, that would be way too many female chatacters knowing Capcom…

Why do people want Karin THAT bad? I know her rekkas and stuff are nice, but does she really warrant that much fanlove?

She’s another schoolgirl people here can fap to.