Which SF personality makes the best Boss?

Who do you think?

Sagat. Because honestly, the pure desire to fight is lost.

A agree with that.

Sagat is a street fighter- hes a normalish guy whos just bigger and badder than the rest of the fighters- a perfect boss.

Bison and Gill are too gay in that they rely on their bizarre powers more than anything else. Not gameplay wise for Bison, but you know what I mean. They are magic people.

Akuma should stay as a secret guy- standard moves just more powerful.

Honda. His thong is superior to Gills.
His face paint is better then Bisons hat.
And super ass attack is better then raging demon.
I guess he isnt really a boss tho.

So ill go with Sagat too.
He is the evilest soccer player in the world.
He is also a pirate.
And he has scars that arent ambiguosly homosexual like Zangeifs.


…isn’t this covered somewhere else but on a broader scale?

boss killer Gouki for the win:

  • Bison got powned by him in Super and EX(AS AN INTRO)

  • he made the 3DO cover of the game.

  • He learns a new move every game(SFIII:SI onward.)

  • Rough as hell. Dirty Clint Eastwood of Assassin Fist.

  • Any boss killer is a potential boss.

  • He wears flip flops. What kind of monster wears flip-flops? hahaha

I voted the bottom one. Bison & Akuma are both good villains. Bison i think is more of a villain, whilst Akuma makes a great secret character, & thats practically how SF is. I don’t like Gill, he has nothing on the other two.

Oh, & Sagat does rock, but’s hes more of a rival than a villain.


Co-sign, Sagat has always been better than vega/bison, Gill is gayer than the 2-men sleigh in the winter olympics and akuma is too much of a “simply boosted up standard shoto”

Out of the three posted, Akuma, just because he carries himself like I think a boss should, a badass who is there to stomp a mudhole in your ass and walk off.

bison is a good boss from the animated series and animated movie. not from the games.

Bison was hella rough in A3. He was big pimpin as a boss there.

lmao if sagat is an evil soccer player then its upto sean and blanka to save the day since theyre brazillians :clap:

i agree that bison was in his prime in a3, seeing him in street fighter 2 shows why he wanted ryu’s body (not sexually u perverts) in a3, he probably leaps everywhere like a mad man in sf2 because his body cant restrain the power no more :wow:

lol hahahaha

Yes. Bison was on some cheap Psycho Drive crack in Alpha, but in 2, like any bad guy, the “Winners don’t do drugs” slogan took effect. And Bison lost his drive.

Damn Bush Admin. Americans…

Only recently have I been respecting Bison more. He’s got the pyschotic comedy part of a boss down, whereas Akuma has the mysterious antichrist thing going on.

Even though he said it in the crappy live-action Street Fighter movie, you can’t deny this bossness:
“For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me… it was Tuesday.” (Bison to Chun-Li)

Bison. Is there anything else that need to be said about him?

One thing that’s been bugging me though, is he German? Because everytime I play as/against him, I have this urge to go “achtung!”

Bison by far…

Akuma all the way : he’s bad, strong, and mysterious… :wow:

I gotta say Bison. Akuma’s bad ass…but he’s not evil in the I want to rule the world sense. Bison just feels like a more proper villain because he’s a power hungry psycho who dresses like a Nazi and wants to rule the world. Awesome.

Bison all the way.