Which shoto player are you?


I’m a shoto only player. I am not sure which shoto I like yet. I’ll play Ryu sometimes for his instant overhead. I’ll play ken sometimes for easier cross ups.

But then sometimes I wished I picked Akuma when facing Dee Jay, Gief, or Guile because I find it easier to beat them with Akuma’s air fireball.

So which shoto do you play mostly and why?


Ryu does not have an instant overhead. His overhead attack has a significant startup, in fact. Check [media=youtube]t8dD3K2_Pz4"[/media] for information on real instant overheads. None of them are actually instant, but really fast and impossible to react to, which has similar results.

Back on topic: I am a Ryu player. I like his fast hadouken as a poke and spacing tool, his ability to knockdown with a red hadouken, a tatsu and any shoryuken, and the classic normals he has. As I was never good with Ken’s “crazy kicks” from the original ST and I enjoyed his old (CE-HF) semi-invulnerable tutsus, I started to play Ryu more and more over his american pal. Nowadays, besides Ryu, I only mess with O.Ken from vanilla ST. As for Akuma, I have always thought his creation was a bad idea and the addition of dive kicks and hyakki shus in the Alpha series made that worse. One of the many things I find good in SF is that one must try to apply his gameplan and this often means you gotta prevent the enemy from applying his. Akuma does what he wants against almost all characters, the enemy can only counter when not in block stun. The higher damage he takes in most games seems a cheap way to fix a (IMO) unsuitable design.


Better question:
Why play only shotos ?
Why play shotos at all ?

Seriously, enough of ken scrubs in online matches xD


u shutup. i like scrubbing with ken =/ :sad:


LOL at all the players in ranked who think my Ken is a scrub and then get the worst ass whooping of their day.


I’m not saying any shoto player is a scrub.
I’m saying most are ^^


just cause u negged me dont think ill stop scrubbin out with ken baby


I prefer Ryu because his overhead (not instant) is a good mixup on knockdown. But I don’t really any play shotos anymore. They are way too overused, and most people know all of their tactics for that reason.
My advice would be to learn someone different that has command inputs similar to a shoto, like fei or cammy.


I played Ken in pretty much every SF game since Champion Edition, but lately I have no desire to play him at all. It might be because I seen about 1,000 Kens per day online. Everybodys gotta start somewhere I suppose.


For the people doing the Ryu overhead when people are knocked down, any player who isn’t a scrub is gonna wakeup something right in your face.

I play Ryu as my main, but if I wanna be extra gay I play Ken and put people in Knee bash loops.

Haven’t really touched Akuma.

But then again, why should I when my secondary character is Claw.


While I don’t really play shotos, Cammy now and forever, as far as my style is concerned my favorite would probably be ryu. Hadokens are just easier to consistently pull off for me then shoryukens and while shoryukens are important to ryu, there more common in and integral to Ken’s game as I understand it. I also find ryu’s super easier to use effectively then Ken’s. As for akuma, never cared for him, never been good at pulling off air fire balls or doing Shun Goku Satsu’s instantly on command. Plus I always had friends who liked Ken or Akuma but never had any that liked Ryu so I tend to try to differentiate myself from my friends in character choice thus the leaning toward ryu.


i like ken more

because of the knee bash

i really should learn akuma though


Why not play shotos I mean there’s only a handful of characters 4 of them are shoto’s? Shits fun as hell to play with them still and to me it’s fun to play against them. I really can’t believe how much people cry about Shotos every fuckin thread someone boo hoo shotos, grab your nuts and man the fuck up. It’s funny to when I play online it’s always some shitty fei long or a shitty D.j or the worst guile you could imagine and rarely do I see shoto players.

Back to subject got’s to play with my evil homie Akuma. Raging Demon is so fun and by far the best way to end a match.


Not necessarily. I have used this effectively against quite a few good players, and the key is just to not overuse it. If you can mix it up properly and create effective mind games, there are definitely times where it will work.
But if you do it consistently and overuse it, yes, you most definitely will get a wake up move in your face.


Seems like people hate shotos because they’re the characters of choice for noobs and scrubs. That’s fine. I suck but I’m getting better.

I like Ken because he’s not as fireball-centric as Ryu. He has the knee-bash with the potential for mix-ups, the crazy kicks, the better DP, and the juice kick.

Ryu’s kind of boring for me. He’s the archetypal fireball/DP zoner. And he’s the goodie-two shoes SF equivalent of Superman, Cyclops, and Derek Jeter.

I don’t like how Akuma loses life so fast. He’s fun, too, but not as fun as Ken. Plus he’s been broken in the past so I never used him as a main before.


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