Which should I get - UMVC3 or AE?

I play Injustice and after watching EVO2013, I know that I want to play either UMVC3 or AE…but I’m stuck in the middle of which to get. I don’t want to get both cuz I won’t be able to devote myself completely to both given work, college, working out and National Guard. I can only choose one…if someone can give me incredibly detailed reasons to go one way or the other, I’d love it :slight_smile: Thanks

I say you get the fuck out…and make your own damn decision.
I thought the National Guard taught you that.

If you got college and work then you won’t have time for either.

Both games suck plus this is not the goddamn place to ask this.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Version 2015

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ FREEZE! Ice Storm!! 、ヽ```、`ヽ`、ヽ```

[/National Guard]

let us get this straight - you don’t know a god damn thing about me, let’s not act like you do neither, go somewhere else to troll cuz I don’t let people like you try and trample on me. fuck off.

I obviously do if I play Injustice??

Thank you for clarifying that…you lazy motherfucker.

All the more reason why no one here should be holding your hand on what game to buy.

I do now know that you are a lazy fuck that can’t decide on his own on what fucking videogame to play.

Fuck both those horrible games, do the right thing and get KOF XIII.

Work, college, Natty Guard, working out…none of those sound lazy to me. I obviously don’t need someone to hold my fuckin hand. I just thought people can give me their experiences in the game and reasons to buy one or the other. I did enough research for both but I’m still stuck in the middle, that’s why I am here. When you want to, let’s say, go to the theatre to watch a movie. Do you go watch the movie without getting opinions from people? Alrighty then, go somewhere else buddy cuz you’re obviously the intellectual inferior here and you’re doing nothing besides getting on my damn nerves. Nice try to be a tough-ass tho, maybe find some 95 lb nerd on here to fuck with cuz I’m not convinced.

I was considering it, don’t really like the animation to it tho…thanks for not being a complete dick like everyone else. KOF does look fun…I got hype as hell watching it at EVO

Point me in the right direction instead of being a dick, k?

If I want to go to watch a movie in a theater…I go knowing damn well what I want to see because I’ve already read the reviews and decided on my own what to watch. I don’t ask random fuckers waiting in line on what movie I want to watch.

Did someone else decide for you to play Injustice?

If not, why is it so hard for you to decide on AE or UMVC3? Like YOU said…no one here knows a damn thing about you, so why should someone here decide for you on which game to play?

Since you have time for Injustice, use that time to rent both games…play them, then decide for yourself.

you obviously do not have the mental capability to understand why I asked. You check reviews for movies? WELL HURP-DE-DER that’s checking someone’s opinion! and that means you want to watch it because someone else thought positively about it, dumbass. I wanted to see what people that play it a lot have to say about it, I’d rather get unbiased opinions opposed to going online to check what a critic says about it. You didn’t have to comment on my shit if you didn’t like it, so fuck off.

You are a dumb motherfucker…you know that?

Re-read your own fucking post you dumbshit…

Even the title says "Which should I get? - UMVC3 or AE?"
You are asking people here to pick a game for you…because your lazy ass can’t decide on your own.

Also…where did I say that I watch movies because someone else thought positively of it?

What about “decided on my own” don’t you get?

Versus threads are banned on SRK. Learn the rules before posting. These threads are usually made by trolls to start arguments.

Well by golly Geese Pants, I can’t exactly fit “After researching both UMVC3 and AE, I can’t decide which to pick…can you SRK fellas inform me your preference and why you chose them so I can have further insight on both games to make an informed and educated decision on which of the two to get.” in the subject of the post, sorry to disappoint you. And you can’t say that you don’t listen to people’s opinions to make the decision…cuz if you read 5 straight reviews that said a movie sucked then you wouldn’t go…but if you read 5 straight reviews that said a movie was amazing then you’d go. Getting opinions from people that don’t get paid by possibly biased companies is my way of deciding. I realize you are reaching extremely deep to find something to argue about…you can stop at any time because I’m making you look fuckin stupid…

You what what you should get?


Then why isn’t the guy that posted SF4 or SFxT thread getting all this shit? alright then