Which should I get - UMVC3 or AE?


get ae because i said.
BAM! thread over


that won’t help me make a decision :frowning: thanks for reminding me how lonely I am!!

Why that instead of UMVC3? don’t say anything dumb neither lol I want a gamer’s opinion


get umvc3 because fuck you.
BAM! back to square one.


Where do you see SF4 or SFxT on this sub forum? Because I don’t see anything. Wrong place to post in the first place lol

Could atleast posted at the newbie saikyo subforum. Would get less flak. Furthermore that thread you’re talking about is also in the newbie saikyo subforum.

This is where you posted:

General Discussion
Discuss anything you like. But if you’re talking about fighting games, please take it to Fighting Game Discussion!


Or…you could’ve titled it “What are your opinions of UMVC3 and AE?”

I actually do take into consideration other people say.
When it comes to movies and videogames…I usually don’t ask other people on which game to play, or what movie I should watch because that should not be difficult to figure out after reading the reviews and research on my own.

In the end…you came here to have others pick a videogame for you.
That is just laziness on your part…and that shows me that when you finally take the game someone else picked for you…you will likely drop it within 3 months.

It’s actually not hard to mess with you…because you are a lazy fuck.


Lol is it this dude’s first time on the internet or something? Stick to Facebook breh


Addendum, Don’t take this shit to Fighting Game Discussion, those shitty threads are banned there too.


That Affliction tee is a huge flag


this is all the help you need


I was thinking if he was smoking a cig or something he could be a GGG/SBS hybrid.


I’m new to SRK, my first post actually. I am on my phone because currently I do not have internet because I am in the act of moving to Nevada from Tennessee. On this phone, it does not give the description of each thread and sadly, I do not acquire knowledge of all things on command. People see that shirt and the flat-bill and see a “douchebag”, I guess and they figure they can just talk shit to me with no reprocussion, that’s fine. The women I am friends with or talked to (One named Kara Harper, she lives in LA now, she’s from my city Lafayette, Tennesee and an incredibly famous model…look her up) say they like my sense of style or say that I am attractive, so I am fine with you all’s depiction of me. It just shows how big of a piece of shit you all are, the fact that I’m not into anime or none of that like you all are or I don’t dress the same or whatever, I get ridiculed. That is not my problem, in the end. I’ll never meet any of you, your opinion is irrelevent. But when someone asks for help, you help them…you do not redicule, talk down to, and insult them. You all make me lose hope. One person wants to be successful at a game but is having trouble deciding…you all decide to ridicule that person. How shitty of people do you have to be? How unsatisfied with yourself do you have to be to talk down to someone that you do not even know? I guess I will not be an active member of this website in fear of becoming a person like all of you. Thanks for nothing.


I don’t care much for either but I’ve owned AE and own UMvC3. AE has much stricter timings IMO. I didn’t give much time to consider learning it, and starting out on 3s didn’t help it either. I hate the, for lack of a better word, stickiness, of moves, despite it being realistic if you shoved your fucking fist halfway into someone’s body, I suppose. It jsut turns me off even if it does look cool in high level play, it just doesn’t feel right to me.

Marvel is much more frantic and this game will probably take much more work for me to really learn how to play with assists, infinites, etc. but learning basic stuff isn’t as awkward and feels smoother imo, though it’s still challenging because it’s less sluggish and strangely-timed instead extremely fast with a few pauses in between and LONG combo potentials. Also, there are not only more characters in marvel but tons of possibility if you don’t want to play the popular teams, and if you DO want to play the popular , competitive teams, you’ll need lots of practice and likely have fun experimenting with so many openings to do so.


I’m sorry I don’t have any more fucks to give you because you are too lazy to decide on a videogame to play…


Thanks for the life story, I don’t play either games. Just pointing you to the right forum for this sort of discussion where you will be welcomed with open arms.


grow up, see ya


Guys pls BibleThump

Ok, if you want more footsies based, slower gameplay and shorter combo based game, AE is for you. (includes better netcode)
If you like faster gameplay, longer combos with one hit kills, get UMVC3. (if you are more like online warrior, note that netcode is bad in this)

IMO, UMVC3 takes longer to learn because all of the combos, TACs, etc. (except if you want to do basic stuff only)


Idk why some people get butthurt over this, the fighting game section is very anti-SF4 so I suggest you take this to the noob section since you’re obviously a noob.


Dang this guy is getting bashed so hard, and he just joined. haha’ you guys are ruthless…


Well, if you ignore all the obvious signs like mentioned above or the sticky saying “read before posting” followed by asking a incredibly stupid question you are kind of asking for it. I mean, at least show that you have read up on things (which he hasn’t else he would have noticed how this forum works already) and ask something specific in stead of some vague question that nobody can answer for him.

Then you ask to get this treatment haha. Plus it is the FGC, better learn to get a thick skin right away.


In other words you don’t even have a preference for a specific style of game but just want something that’s popular. That’s the impression I’m getting at least, because otherwise it would be pretty clear from videos how each game plays like, and you wouldn’t be needing this thread. I mean, you don’t seem to even know what YOU want in a game so how can we know it for you?


Just read a fucking review and make a fucking decision. If you like fireworks, pick marvel. If you like less flashy pick street fighter. If you can’t make a decision, you’re probably going to be shit at fighting games. Plus, at least read the rules before posting something. Damn! I’m new here too but you don’t have to act like it’s your first day on the internet…