Which sites let you download the EXACT video from youtube?

I went to keepvid to get the video. The highest resolution from keepvid, is the video saved as an mp4, not flv. It turns the originalvideo into an mp4… But the quality is very clear.

I know youtube plays it as an flv. So that means keepvid uses great encoding, turns the flv into a hi-res mp4 video.

I want to get the actual flv playing from the site. The original, that is not encoded as mp4. Is there a way I can rip that flv right off the youtube page encoding?

I remember there was some free program that could list all the media on the page and let you get the link to every piece of media on the site.

DownloadHelper as Firefox Extension?

I think you might be talking about file2hd.com?

Yes either use the DownloadHelper or FlashGet plug-ins for FireFox.

keepvid has an option to d/l in .flv mode (it’s the top option when downloading)

Youtube now actually stores high quality uploads as .mp4

You might be trying to download a high quality upload, which is why you are getting mp4.

By the way, you don’t need any programs to download mp4s from youtube, just copy and paste this into your adress bar when you are on a youtube video page, and you’ll get the .mp4 as a regular download.


Just put the word “kick” in the address before “youtube”.