Which speed and damage settngs do you use for each game?

I just picked up the Alpha Anthology this week and am loving it. I’m starting with Alpha One, and am going through each character’s story, lots of fun.

2 questions though.

  1. what are the most “tourney” or arcade accurate settings for each one, in terms of damage, speed, etc. I know pressing R2 in the settings brings up different arcade versions, but which ones should I use to get the “real feel?”

  2. I was playing a little bit in Alpha 2 Gold, and the usual way of going into a custom combo didn’t work,how do activate a custom combo?

alpha 2 gold custom combos are activated by hitting fierce and roundhouse at the same time. the changes to alpha 2 gold thread for a full list of changes to the game.

All later revision of the games are rewarded as being the most fidel one .
That’s logic , these games in later rev. tried to be more balanced and tournament worthy , so more played . As simple as that :wink:

That’s not entirely true. Revision B for Third Strike was rejected across the board for removing unblockables among other things.

Yes , right . But 90% of the time it is proven ^^ (and later revision ARE always more balanced , not always funnier !