Which stick are you going to use for MvC 3?

Are they going to make new arcade stick for MvC 3?

I’m trying to buy Madcatz Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition Stick.

Do you think it’s good enough for that game?

My wiimote.

xbox pad

i just got an SE about a month ago…ill be using that, im not about to drop money on a whole nother stick

I’ll be using my modded Hori real arcade pro

My dick.

^ His dick.

anyone planning to buy new one?

^his dick.

EDIT: Bah, lame… Anyways, my modded SE. Wtf would you buy a new one just for this game?

my TE ofc maybe we will get a new TE for MvC3 :D?

LS-32 same as mvc2

my mas stick

the MvC3 madcatz stick

I think they’re just gonna make another TE-S with MvC3 art.

They had TEs at E3 right?

Seeing as how I have no stick right now I will eventually upgrade to one from the 360 pad and it will probably be a mvc3 one

mooyang’s dick

I haven’t decided between my MvC2 stick or mooyang’s dick. We’ll see once I get it in hand.

they used the mvc2 te sticks.

i will use my 1st round sf4 te stick and my mvc2 on my 360

Jap stick fool. The only people who use american are the people who seriously grew up with them and mash to hard for jap sticks

Dual-modded custom for me.