Which stick design?

Please help me decide which design to go with. Im not sure about the button and joystick colours. Oh an please excuse my utter rubbish picture editing skills.


If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks!!!

If you yourself don’t really prefer one over the other, then why not just make a die roll or something like that?

I would personally choose 1 or 3.

#2 But with a red balltop


I like #3 the best.

Four all the way

Numero Quatro

#2 with a red balltop.

Me ma. She is terribly partial to periwinkle blue.

2 with a red ball top.


#3 by far.


4 is sexy

4 looks the best

4 looks good

Thanks guys…4 Wins!!! LOL

btw, are you sure about the 8 buttons layout instead of 6 ?