Which stick for American arcade feeling for UMVC3 Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-58 for

I would like to know which of these 2 will have the closest resemblance to a classic American arcade stick feeling? I am molding a wwe brawlstick to play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I will be using the octagon gate for now until I can find a round one. If anyone know’s a retailer that has them in stock please let me know. Thanks!

You are looking for Circle?

Not exactly. I want to know which feels most like a classic american arcade feel and I know we use circle gates if Im correct. I ordered a seimitsu so I was looking for a ls-58 circle gate but thanks. Im really just trying to find out what will be closest to the arcade feel.

Seimitsu LS-32 has round gate option.

Seimitsu LS-55, 56, 58 have octo gate option.

Both are superior to Sanwa JLF octo gate.

Also, American sticks do not use “gates”, they use round or square actuators. The feel is circular though. Same goes for Korean sticks – no gates, just round actuators.

Definitely not the JLF. Try this:

Seimitsu LS-56-01
Seimitsu MS mounting plate
Sanwa LB-30-N bat top + thread adapter
LS-56 Octagonal Main Guide (octo gate)

I can’t vouch for the LS-58 as I haven’t tried it, but it should feel the same aside of the softer spring. Get the LS-56 spring to swap in if you get the LS-58.

Ultimately, the only thing that will feel just like a classic American arcade stick is an old Happ or a new iL in a solid case. This setup just feels sorta like it in spirit, and might be the closest thing that will drop into an SE or TE easily.

What Robo said^^^
If you were to go JLF then this would be the way to go:

Apparently, whatever makes the LS-58 feel “softer” isn’t the spring – it’s the same in both sticks.

LS-56 is fantastic, but IMO it’s a little too hard and too tight to pull off moves consistently (at least 90%) for fighters…

EDIT: INCORRECT, the LS-58 does have a softer spring!

or better yet, purchase a happ perfect 360.

extra power to you if you find a pre-2005 model.

I don’t think it’ll fit in an SE case.

For that, IMO a better option would be a Sanwa JLW with a spring mod.

There must be a reason why. Anyone got both to compare?

Microswitches then?

Thanks for all the feedback. I already ordered the ls 58 with octo gate I think I may just order a second gate if I like the 58 and make it round myself. AGAIN thanks a lot everyone for the feedback.

Just got an LS-58 and took it apart to compare to the LS-56; it has, as described by Seimitsu, a softer spring.

Confused. Didn’t you just say the springs were the same a few posts ago? :wonder:

The info was from another poster here…

In my opinion a JLF with a Spring mod feels like a JLF with a spring mod. Same goes for Seimtsu.

You want a American style stick you have to go with Happ, IL, Suzo, Wico or other brand American style stick.
Only stick that gets close is a JLW, and a JLW with a bat top feels like a JLW with a bat top.

What I done with my own stick is add a LS-56 spring to a JLF (with the JLF spring) add a bat top and a circle gate.
It as tight as a happ, but still lacks the spring back and has a tighter throw.

@SGGG2: Thanks for the clarification.

Didn’t someone say that a JLW with a Radio Shack RC car spring felt close to a Happ?

YEah, that some one was me. And while it will indeed get you close (especially if you swap the stock gate for a circle gate; octo gates are 8 buttons), it still isn’t quite the same, and as Lukas said, it’s a JLW with a bat. Still, that from my experience is probably your best compromise (and really, anything but a iL or happ will be a compromise in this case)