Which stick for PC?


I’ve recently come to the realisation that you can’t properly play fighting games on a keyboard (and as you can probably tell by that statement I’m fairly new to the genre as well).

So I’ve been looking around for a quality stick to use for PCs but they seem to be hard to find.
After browsing the forum I have found some rather old posts about what options there are for people in my situation.

Now I’ve got a couple of questions:

Are there any good-to-go sticks I can use without much lag or other issues?

If not, are there any sticks I can customise for PC without too much effort? How?

If there are none, what are the best options?

Thank you in advance for any replies.

madcatz standard for 360 is not picky about computers.


replace or fix the joystick it is horrible.

for no nonsense use a tournament edition, no need to fix, but its not cheap

the ps3 versions are very picky with computers, just get 360 install the driver all will be good

So following this tutorial would be all thats necessary?

And which driver exactly would I need?

watch the video in my sig to fix it, i suggest do it right away when u bring it home. the buttons will last 3wks on heavy play and 3 mos on medium play, should replace with

sanwa obsf/obsn
seimitsu ps-14-any code, i dont recommend these buttons but they are easy to swap in and out of the standard and tournament editions. those buttons i suggest are actually really good, it’s just not my preference

use this driver, pick your system and download accordingly


I would just go for the TE.

You’re not going to save more than $20 by modding an SE anyway and the TE is 800% more sexy.

And you’re saying i wouldn’t have to do this with the TE stick? Cause for me a SE stick with new buttons/joystick would cost about the same as a TE stick.

Basically what you’re doing when you mod an SE is put in the same parts a TE comes with. A TE is 100% ready to go out of the box.

i didnt say u had to get a new joystick, the joystick in the standard is actually quite good when u fix it. i dont know how hard you press your button, so that is iffy. i also like the option of playing with colours on the standard. i just said those buttons, there are far cheaper buttons that are good too, but none that i know of are direct swap.

i have a standard that i modded many many many times because its just fun, i have a tournament too, but it has never been modded.

really, if you just fix the stick, i think u will be happy

Thanks for your help so far.

I think I’ll go with a TE stick for now because I have no desire to mod my stick (its just a tool for me and looks quite nice by itself) and its cheaper.

Actually, ps3 sticks in general aren’t picky on PCs, it’s the ps3 brand pads that give you issues. That being said, I’d still get an xbox one because it’s much easier to mod an xbox stick for ps3 than vice versa, keeps your options open.

Funny similar question got asked today.

The 360 TE is the way to go.
33% off right now @amazon . Don’t know how long it lasts.

If you later this genre is not for you, you can get back $60-$70 easily selling it used.

my friends plays with sf4 keyboard and no he is not bad player, infact he is pretty good at it.

srk fadc ultra, f+hp->cr.hp links, footsie confirm hit and links and then cancel to special moves.

basically he can pull it all without doing the imba plink trick :smiley:

I have a PS3 TE that DOES NOT WORK on my PC. All nVidia and the newest Intel chipsets are incompatible with the PS3 TE.

(If you want my recommendation, buy a Datel Arcade Pro and mod it. Then you have a stick that works on the PS3, 360 and PC. The case isn’t as nice as the TEs though!)

Posted this in the recent good find thread but in case you missed this and still looking for a stick

GoGamer 48 Hour Madness - Round 2 TE $99 & FightPads for Xbox 360 & PS3 $19.90

Great for those still debating whether to get the amazon TE for $99 but wanted the Round 2 instead.


Damn these places never ship to canada!!! :frowning: