Which stick from HAPP?

gettin ready to place an order to upgrade my supergun sticks and was wondering what the preferred stick from happ is? i had one before but cannot remember if it was the ultimate or comp model. thanks

From what I’ve gathered from reading through this forum the competition stick is better than the ultimate. So your safe bet is to go with that.

Go with the competition stick.

Ultimates are horrible, I would get a comp, supers are nice as well.

The choice is between Super and Competition, can’t go wrong with either…

( Competition edges out Super though ) :slight_smile:

My local arcade uses Ultimates and the diagonals are rather difficult to find.

Ultimates would make diagonals easier to find? They have a squarish gate instead of the round gate of the Competitions… :wink:

boy you don’t know anything about sticks, don’t confuse people. Comp sticks have a SQUARE GATE. So do Ultimates, Ultimates just suck more, they are horrible sticks. Comp sticks make the diagonals “easier” to find, Supers “feel” round, but still use a square gate.

i rather use a p360 joystick, i can’t stand the sound of comp and super joystick. All you hear is clickclick. Don’t you want a silent killer p360 joystick?

Another stupid thing to say. P360’s take more work and more money, if you are THAT ANAL that you can hear the clicks and get ANNOYED by it while playing the game, then maybe fighters aren’t your thing, since most sticks are cherry switch. For price and playablity, Comp and Super are your best bet, P360 is over priced and not worth it if you just get it not to hear the “clicks” (which is so retardedly stupid).

I went from P360 on a marvel cab (rare) and went to a comp marvel cab no problem, not once did I throw a hissy fit because of hearing clicks, I was either concentrating on the game, or not caring.

And like I said, you need to wire them up differently, and it can be a pain in the ass.

I believe you’re the one confusing people, Parry. The rotation of a Comp is perfectly round, as with the Super. You don’t feel the corners and the stick doesn’t move through its range of motion in a square pattern, regardless of how the switches are laid out underneath or how the actuator moves to reach them. With the Ultimate, you do feel the corners, much as with a Sanwa. Clearly, this is what Anachron means by “square gate”. Although none of the Happ sticks have a “gate” in the sense a Sanwa stick does - totally different design - the Ultimate ends up with a square rotation.

I’m sure people appreciate the help you give, but you could stand to tone back the attitude.

The competition is NOT round, it uses an obvious square actuator and has squared corners for feel.

The super feels round and even has a round actuator. Therefore it is essentially the same as a P360. In fact, the first P360’s were modified supers.

Personally, I cringe when I see 90% of the people voting for comps over supers. Especially when you’ll find many more supers than comps in arcades.

Super is the best american stick, including the P360. And I don’t care about price. Snaaake and myself are the only ones that will tell you that, though.

Comps/ultimates are among the loudest sticks out there.

edit: When I first built my sticks, I ordered one ultimate and one comp(using srk’s advice)…I have since changed all my joysticks to supers and have a comp collecting dust. A non-serious gamer friend of mine, who built his own stick, has practiced so much on the comp that he has a hard time with supers.

I’m sorry, your wrong, comps do have a sqaure gate, and do not feel round. Those are supers, not comps.

EDIT: Good shit Shin. I’ve played on both, and prefer the comp, but the super is a very good stick.

For reference, a gate restricts the motion of the shaft and is usually built as a ‘plate’.

An actuator is an add-on to a moving part of the stick. But then you end up calling everything an actuator. The metal lever on a cherry switch is an actuator. The piece of plastic on the shaft that ‘actuates’ the switches is also called an actuator. So it gets confusing no matter what terminology you use.

As long as the context is clear enough, I won’t bitch you out.

Regarding noise…

I went to the extent of designing, building and testing my own modified microswitch. An optical microswitch. No clicking noise, but you still get plastic hitting plastic sounds that are MUCH softer than the switches…

Within 2 days, I but traditional switches back on the stick, cuz I coulnd’t feel if the stick was responding or not. For me, at least, the joystick needs to click. The buttons are a different story…I loved doing RC electricity when my opponent doesn’t even hear me press a single button.

Hmmm, I didn’t really like the supers I tried, they felt to stiff to me for some reason, but they were very responsive, your making me want to make a super for my next stick!

Are Supers the same size as Competitions mounting wise?


The Happ ultimate, comp, super and P360 all use the same mounting holes. They are easily swappable. Something like 62mm by 70mm if I remember correctly.

Parry, you find the super stiff, whereas I find the comp loose. I always get a chuckle from performing charge back 2 sec, forward, back, forward and a button by simply charging and then letting go of the stick. Works better on comps than supers, but still works on a new super.

i just googled, and it turns out i’ve been playing on Super clones for the longest time. they have very loose springs, but i do like them more than my (real, non-clone) Comp here. if i only knew how stiff the real Supers were, i bet i could just tighten the springs to make it more similar. and probably use harder microswitches too.

Thats why alot of people opt for the heavy spring when getting a comp, I like them stock (I guess, loose) as they are.

Guys, I have two Comps right here I installed myself and while I am aware the actuator itself is square, the rotation of the stick in gameplay is round. The Ultimate and Comp look very similar from the bottom (square actuator and switch layout) but feel completely different in gameplay. The Comp, like the Super, moves through a 360 circle smoothly, without hitching in corners. I don’t understand how this works mechanically with the square actuator, but it’s obvious when you actually use the stick.

I’m not here to bicker with you guys, but I don’t understand why there’s disagreement here. Just grab your Comp and spin the thing - the motion is not square, regardless of what it looks like underneath the panel. Bottom line, this is all going to confuse those who haven’t seen these sticks in person.