Which stick is best for Hugo users?

Talking about Jap sticks here since all Toronto local tournaments are held on Jap cabinets. I’ve been playing on American sticks for yrs but I recently bought a Hori sc2 stick so I could practice using Jap sticks. Maybe it’s just me but that thing seems to be tough for Hugo players. It’s hard to get 360s, 720s and whatnot to come out on a consistently basis. Well I’ve only been using it for a bit over a week but I don’t think this is going anywhere. Doing a regular 360 (270) throw seems to be ok sometimes (even missing 25% of your throws would piss you off), but I do feel like the stick does not respond very well if you spin it real fast for 360s and 720s. I tried to do ‘store 360’ into 720 but it does not work very well (20% success rate?), and of course standing 720 is out of the question (1 out of 15-20 tries?).

So for you experts out there, do I just need more practice with the sc2 stick or should I import a Hori RAP? And does the RAP feel exactly the same as playing in the arcade?

P.S. Is it just me or do you guys like American sticks better for Hugo? They might not be as loose as Jap sticks but they feel ‘smooth’ when you spin it 360.

i’m no expert, but i’ve been playing with the hori sc2 stick for a while now, i can do standing 360s and buffered/blockstun/dash 720 consistantly.
i learned to do them by doing alot of jump-in 360sand 720s,because itis pretty easy to do it that way, after a while you have the feeling of the turn and doing it after a blocked ken sa3 will be a lot easier to practise

I don’t know most peoples’ preference for how which one feels better, but from what I’ve heard a lot of people say Japanese style sticks are easier to do circular motions because of the gate (whether square octogonal, etc.).

I’ve only played on American sticks, tho i just got my HRAP and am gonna play it this weekend, so I’ll let you know. hope to pull off standing gigas everytime. haha

I have the tekken collectors stick and it does a good job, yeah jap shiz is usually best doh.

Personally I’d say from my own experience that getting a japanese stick with a circle restrictor plate upgrade instead of the default square plate is best. It makes for a very sweet 360 or 720. Even better than an octagonal plate in your case.

It’s just a transitional matter as I strongly feel there’s nothing wrong with the SC2 stick (the buttons on the other hand are horrible since they’re flat). I’ve been using the SC2 stick for some time now and haven’t had any Hugo problems. If anything I reckon when you move from a stiffer stick to a looser one you tend to over shoot things.

In terms of the Hori RAP? I’ve never heard of that stick but my friend has a modded SC2 stick with Sanwa parts, they feel a bit looser (stick and button wise) but TBH it doesn’t really offer any improvements control wise. Basically, just stick with the SC2 stick.

I learned on the regular dreamcast controller, and played in the arcade here and there since. Some years later, PS2, the SF controller, then the X-crotch controller. Hugo is tough on the arcade stick, not that he’s tough to use, it’s just tough for stradegy. Your opponent can hear a 360 comming a mile away, when I’m at the arcade I got in the habit of (I’m not kidding) humping the podium so that it would drown out the noise the stick made. Playing at home is so much better for me, because the suprise 360s work wonders to demoralize. Hugo works with intimidation. I would say the best arcade stick for Hugo is the one that makes the least noise.

That is true that’s why i think jap cabinets are better for Hugo players. If you’re standing right next to your opp often times they can tell when a 360/720 is coming.

I have used many sticks, hori fs2, dc agetec, real arcade pro and now I use massystems perfect 360 and I am sure this is the best one for me.
tachi gigas with my massystem stick?
here we go:



hey nice vids, how do you start that 720 with 641236987412369874 is this right?

while going to the right i do it: 6321478963214
while going to the left i do it: 46321478963214

you see, i can do 560 motion only clockwise, i can’t otherwise so thats why while going to the left i do the motion a little bit slower and with lower consistency. istead of from 4 to the 7 which is much faster i have to go from 4 to 6 and there start 560 motion. maybe you can see the difference in speed in the movie. it isn’t big though.

@kokai hey thanks for the tip…if i pull this one off it would add great monstrosity to my hugo…need to practice for this one

does the sequence going to the right 6321478963214 will not make hugo jump? i guess ill just try it then.

you have to do it very fast. this sequence has super jump motion within (2,8). super jump is 7 frame as i remember and you have to do entire sequence within those 7 frames

what are you saying

Can someone explain this to me, i’m thinking of the 8 directions on the joystick, where does the 9 come in? - if that. Thanks.

its the number pad #'s on a computer keyboard representing the directions of the joystick. 5 is nuetral position.

Hey PhilipKao, aren’t you the guy who runs tourneys at CTF? if so, do you know if there’s gonna be one for third strike soon?

Hey flare, thanks for the help.

I run the Baruch College gaming tournaments. But yes, we will be having fighting/FPS/DDR tournaments beginning late august this year.

We have alot of plans this year as far as expansion, but Henry Cen runs the CTF tournaments - he’s working with us also.

From what I know, CTF is having a Tekken 5 tournament on july 2nd. it is to my understanding that they only host mvc2 and tekken 5 tournies for now.

Give me your contact info so i can inform you of future events :tup: Peace man.

no problem man. yeah I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know about upcoming events. just hit me up at: