Which stick should a I buy?

Money being a lesser subject, I’m tired of getting blistered and interested in getting legitimately better at all fighting games. I play primarily on PS3 (Fatty and Backwards Compatible :D), games being SSF4 and BlazBlue.

I’ve read up everywhere and people keep going back and forth between the MadCatz which seem overpriced, a modded Hori Stick and some other stuff. Anyone want to gimme a hand here, want to get to practicing now so when Super comes out I can actually play with the stick and not get owned.

If you want Sanwa/Seimitsu parts out of the box, your options are basically:
-The high-end Horis (HRAP3 SA for PS3) (~$119 currently on amazon, were about 90 around xmas)
-Madcatz TE
-Custom stick (usually more expensive).
-Modded stick (range heavily, sometimes ~50)
TE round 1 and round 2 are purely cosmetic differences, with round 1 sticks being typically cheaper. $99 on amazon currently. The TE “S” is more expensive and smaller.

If you want cheaper and upgrade later, you can get a Madcatz SE (~$50 on amazon, were crazy low a week ago) or Hori, but the LOW END Horis are a pain to mod by comparison.

If you care about using it on a PC, the TE (maybe SE?) has some PCB issues with some USB chipsets.

I knew that new FAQ thread wouldnt stop threads like this :confused:

There is a thread you might of overlooked stickied in this very forum that directly addresses your very question.


You should know, though, the Madcatz TE line and Hori RAP (HRAP) line are not overpriced at all. With arcade sticks, you get what you pay for.

You can never completely stop threads like this, but as long as it’s doing some good, it’s worth it. A lot of people aren’t message board savvy, so they don’t think to read stickied threads.

hrap3 se is really good if you can handle the snap in buttons. if you do get the hrap3 se i highly suggest you replace the snap in buttons with screw in buttons otherwise you could severely damage the plungers and there is the possibility that you push the button into the stick which has happened to me before.

TE stick is on sale at Amazon for 99 dollars. gogogogogogo

He said PS3.

Do many people have problems with seimitsu snap ins? I’ve never heard this before.

Not my words, but appropriate here.

Actually, no. He cares about backwards compatibility.

TE if you don’t play ps2 games on your ps3.

hrap3/sa if you do play ps2 games on your ps3/computer.

screw backwards compatibility, its not worth playing BC games because they lag either way. Go with a HRAP 3 SA or a Madcatz TE, you really can’t go wrong with either. Only thing you need to realize is which button layout you would enjoy playing on; Vewlix layout (TE) or Blast City layout (HRAP).

buy a madcatz SF4 stick for “360”

then buy Toodles Cthulu and imp board like in this thread: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=162026

and make your stick universal.

This forum is awesome…

Thanks guys, I’ll probably grab the Tourney Edition and go from there. I play backward stuff but know nothing about modding yet so I’ll have to read up on it. Again thanks a lot, you all kick ass.

HRAP 3 SE is PlayStation 3 though.
So what is wrong?

The playstation 3 versions have a SA at the end of the name. :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally recommend a Mad Catz TE stick. Right now, Mad Catz TE’s are on sale on Amazon for 100 bucks with free shipping. I suggest you get a 360 TE and dual mod it so you don’t have to worry about playing on a different system or buying two sticks. If you just need it only for PS3, pick up a PS3 for the same price.

360 TE

No, the PS3 versions are all called HRAP3. The 360 versions are all HRAP EX. The ending of the name signifies what kind of buttons are in them.
No SA/SE = Hori buttons/Sanwa stick.
SA = Sanwa buttons/stick.
SE = Seimitsu buttons/stick.

Of course, the HRAP3 SE hasn’t received a US release as of yet, nor has the HRAP EX-SA.

Stop right there and get the HRAP3 instead!

TE doesn’t work with PS2 games on backwards compatibility. Also, Hori parts aren’t that bad, they’ll last you a bit and when you do feel like changing them, they’re not that hard to replace.


Are you going to say there is no HRAP EX SA either?

Not many people know.

hrap3se>all sticks