Which stick should I buy?


I am currently using Tekken 6 Hori arcade stick and I don’t like it (it’s wireless and keeps disconnecting).
So I want to buy a new arcade stick so I thought about:
Hori UMVC3 arcade stick.
Hori Tekken Tag 2 Arcade stick.
Hori Dead Or Alive 5 Arcade stick.
OR Madcatz Soulcalibur 5 Soul Edition Arcade stick.
What do you think I should buy? which is better in your opinion and why.
The fighting game that I gonna use the stick at is UMVC3.
Thank you so much for helping and have a great day :)!.


First off read this. Than this should be what you are looking for. Welcome to Tech Talk, now go and get your learn and stop making unnecessary posts .


I have already read the guide that on page 1 but it didn’t help me make my choice ;\


Did you know that you can also post in that thread and ask your question there? :slight_smile:


woops :3