Which stick to buy?

Ive been playing SF4 on the PC since about novemeber, with the 360 controller, and i was wondering, what arcade stick should i get.

The 2009 model of the Tourney Edition stick is like $120 @ ebgames(now gamestop canada)

Or should I order the newer SSF4 tourney stick for about $30 more off amazon.

I want quality and better comfort, somthing that will last. And im wondering if the $30 extra would be worth it to get the newer version of the stick.

Then, once i get the stick, ill slowly work my way to an xbox360 and SSF4 :slight_smile:

As long as you take care of it, it’ll last. Example: Don’t leave it rattling around in your car trunk while you’re drifting up/down Mt. Akina. :stuck_out_tongue:

Save for accidents, the most you’ll have to do to maintain it is maybe swab the dust/grime that might build up with some rubbing alcohol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea but which one should i get, Official Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition for Microsoft Xbox 360 from local store, or order online the Round 2 TE stick, or the Super Street Fighter 4 TE stick.
I also wanna be able to change the picture underneath if possible.



“Read this before asking questions”

That doesnt explain what is better between the TE sticks, like comfort, quality parts, wiring, mod-ability.

both are roughly the same I believe… or you can make your own stick. You save money and build something you want… anything and everything you want in your stick, you can make it happen.

That’s a good point. I need to update with some differences between the different TE models.

Generally speaking, the newer sticks have more reliable electronics, but some people find the older ones more comfortable. In the end, I suggest you pick up the one you think looks cooler. The differences aren’t that big of a deal.

This is really not true for most people. The tool investment alone is several times more than the cost of a new TE. This might be true for assembling a stick from a pre-made blank case, but not always.

Switching the art on any of the sticks requires either a printed lamilabel or buying a plexiglass cover.

Pretty much this. I’ve played on both and as far as comfort goes they’re both practically identical. The S series sticks are a little thicker than TE sticks, so the surface is raised a little bit more, but not by any noticeable difference. In the end your biggest decision will be which cool case design do you like more, because either way you’re paying for reliable and easy to work with hardware.