Which stick to chose?


Hello everybody, I decided that its time to change from my injustice fightstick to a newer one. There are two which I am looking at, because people in my area are selling them. They are both hardly use, there are the MadCatz Official Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition for 360 ($100), and the MadCatz Arcade FightStick Pro for 360 ($80). Which of them is better, because I am most likely going to use this stick for a long time, and maybe mod the parts eventually. I play characters like Oni and Guy so I prefer an Octo gate, do any of those two sticks have them?


Both those sticks should be stocked entirely with sanwa parts. So they should both have sanwa jlf’s with square gates. It just comes down to which case you like better.


Hey if you know a good cheap octo gate to buy, can you link me or tell me please



So they are both equally the same? Neither give any advantages towards the other?


The Tournament Edition has more room inside for modding etc, the Fightstick is more cramped


I recommend getting one of these…