Which stick top do you prefer

Well which stick top do you prefer and why?

Bat Tops all the way. Always played on an American arcade machine as a kid, so now that I’m back in the game it’s the only style that feels natural to me.

Actually, I always thought the bat tops looked great, but I have never used them. 35mm ball top for me.

I think this deserves a bump.

Bat top FTW btw.


39mm balltop

I guess nobody likes big balltops?

Bat for me, it lets you do a larger variety of handholds that are comfortable, at least for me. I hold it differently for fighters, shmups and beat-em-ups

I think I prefer bat. I can play both pretty good but balls are to big and clunky and they make moving the stick less “flowy”. I find a have more control over exactly where the stick is the the bat because it’s smaller.

Ball Top 35mm. Because I like to follow what other people tell me is the way to go.

Just more comfortable, I guess. More… familiar. I don’t think I’ve EVER played a Bat Top.

I grew up playing bats like most Americans but they don’t feel near as nice as balltops to me now.

Bat Top, I’m still not used to Japanese Sticks.

I’ve always used bat top, but i’m trying to improve my game with Japanese Sticks.

Ball-top. I like to wrap my fingers around the ball while still being able to rest the side of my hand on the base of the stick for stability and control. With bat-tops I tend to grip the entire stick with my hand and I’ve found that it makes my movements far less accurate

bat top for me . was thinking of moving down to a sanway 30mm top and see if that works