Which sticks and controllers are the pros using? I made a list!


I’ve just started playing Street Fighter again. After a 3 year hiatus and I feel like my old busted Hori Stick isn’t up to par anymore.

I usually try to use the stuff the professional gamers are using and so I tried to compile the sticks and controllers of the pros in a practical and concise list.
You can find the most recent version of the list HERE.
Unfortunately, it is incredibly hard to find information on some players. Especially the new SF5 players.

This is where I would really appreciate your help:
[] Do you know any of the missing or incorrect sticks and controllers?
] Are any important players missing?
[*] Is any other information on these players incorrect?
Thank you for also for any other criticism that helps improving the list. I would be really grateful for every bit of information I can get.

Again, this is the list:

Thanks in advance!


…you can add me to the list. I am using a Hori RAP4.


Will add you after the pro tour qualifier.