Which Street Fighter Alpha game is your favorite?


My personally is Alpha 1, I’ve had it since it first came out on Saturn, and I really love the normal attack combos. And because Guy Pwnz!


A3 for me. World tour mode on the psx stole the show.


That’s Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper basically.

So everyone who has the Alpha 3 for Saturn and PSX(Playstation 1), if you choose that alpha 3 instead of the arcade alpha 3, please choose Alpha 3 Upper, since that is the one with the extra characters like Deejay, Evil Ryu, Shink Akuma, Guile, etc.


alpha 2 by far.

aside from the marvel series, no other street fighter game comes close.


A3 Upper by a landslide.


A3 upper.





Where the option for PSX A3 with the good DeeJay? :wgrin:

EDIT: woah, who the fuck is picking upper?? :sad: PSX A3 ISN’T UPPER!!!


Although A2 will always have a special place in my heart, at the end of the day I prefer to play A3. And since I’m cool with either version, I picked normal A3 over Upper to even the chances a bit.


A3 Upper


A3 CPS2 original. Got one in the shop on a 29" candy cab, and I play that thing at least once a day. Good times.


The amount of votes for Alpha 3 Upper is already surprising me.

My vote goes to Alpha 3 tho, I fucking love that game.


HF for the win.


Alpha 2 and Zero 2 Alpha


Reading comprehension… it’s a beautiful thing.


I think the real question is…how come no one has voted for A2 Gold over A2?



then ctrl+F -> callmeanewb


PSX and DC versions of A3 were effectively Upper weren’t they? I’m going Upper over plain A3 coz Guile and T.Hawk… wouldn’t be the same without em.


Uh, no.

Anyway I voted A2 because A3 is dumb


Oh the irony in such a statement…