Which Street Fighter Alpha game is your favorite?


I have to go with a3 on the psone. The game just felt easier to comprehend for me


A1, but only because it’s the only one I’ve been able to play (There’s a SF Alpha 1 arcade machine at a movie theater 5 mins away.)



altho screwing around in a3 with Karin is fun too…


Alpha 3 hands down… but I learned how to play fighting games through Alpha 2 so… err… Crap! What a contridiction. And being jumped by Dan before fighting Akuma in A2 was quite a memory.


Alpha 2 for me. I even imported Zero 2. :slight_smile:


Really hard to choose between A2 and A3 for me but I guess I gotta give the edge to A2. But then again that’s probably because I’ve played more A2. I think if I had more chances to play A3 with friends it would get the clear edge.


I like gold just because it’s hilarious.
I never felt any Alpha game was competitive enough to warrant seriousness.




ALPHA 2 for men

ALPHA 3 for kids



Alpha 2


Alpha 2.

I just had the most fun with it. I don’t really know why though.


All of them has there good and bad. I would go with Hyper Alpha because it has all of them. Its pretty broken, but all of them are pretty broken itself.

Alpha 1 has Guy that can dizzy combo.

Alpha 2 has crazy CC and I know it can get crazy with Ken.

Alpha 3 has crazy CC with a lot of characters, especially Karin.
Go to 1:06 = Karin

I would like to see a remake of A3 with better stuff. I think a lot of people would like that.


battle royale perhaps?


i cant choose :frowning:


I can’t set a firm answer. A2 had the better polish visually, but A3 had better balance and mechanics. Arcade versions in all cases.

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I can’t remember.


like overpowered V-ISM and infinites?


I have come to appreciate Alpha 3 more as time has gone by, but 2 is still tops. Alpha 2 with a few of Alpha 3’s characters and upgraded movesets would be a true finale for the series!


A3 Juni & Juli ftw