Which Street Fighter game would you choose?

if you had a choice to play only one street fighter game for the rest of your life which one would it be? id probably pick third strike.

Call me when you remember the SFEX series.

I was about the say the same thing. Well Street Fighter EX3 anyway

A3 for me.

Capcom Vs Snk 2 (Wich obviously, is not in the list…)

It was a tough tie between 3s and A3. A3 has so much more to learn and practice than 3s does, but 3s is my main game, I couldn’t choose any other. Saying that in mind, A3 comes very very close.

Definitly A3 for me

ST is all you ever need. :dp: + :p:

If it is only about pure SF …, Alpha 3 for sure. :slight_smile:

Third Strike forever!:rock:

Put Champion Edition up and I’ll vote.

Third Strike is the only SF game I can stand to play anymore

alpha 2

Where is Alpha 3 max?

I was gonna go CE or HF, but resorted to sf2 turbo.

WHERE’S SF1!!1!?!

In all seriousness, 3S.

if they would update the soundtrack every year 3s

Second Impact for the win only.

It’s A3 for me, all the way.
IMHO, it offers the most variety in gameplay due to the number of characters and the ISM’s. I also dig the light juggles, and above all, I enjoy the “feel” of the game more than the others.

EX was great, but who actually plays it for more that a week?

A3 ftw!

Otherwise i would have voted cvs2.