Which Street Fighter game would you choose?


raises hand


3s, hands down.

I played so much SF2 and alpha im sick of them.


3rd Strike


alpha2 = the best


hey they onlt let me have 10 slots i tried to put the entire series but that wasnt happening. oh and i was trying to focus on mainly street fighter without the crossovers. if i added those in itd be cvs2 for me.


^… tried…*and *failed.


I’m having troubles deciding between Alpha 3 and 3S…sooooo cloooossseee…

But then again it’s hard to put those above the classics I grew up with!

For now I’ll go with 3S


I’m onboard with SFA2. First appearance of evil ryu?

“I am power made flesh! Fell how weak you truly are!”


third Strike!..=)


a2 hands down




Can I just ask, the people who have chose EX3, why have you chosen it? With the wide unpopularity of EX3 it’s a suprise to see people voting for it as an only game they can play for the rest of their life.


3rd strike for me


It’s unpopularity is due to a few things. I’m sure Shinji will elaborate on this, but heres the main ones:

  • No arcade release

  • Had to compete with TTT as fighting game launch title

  • Was MAD rushed and not even finished

I converted many an EX hater after showing some vids, matches, or just sitting down and playing someone while teaching them the engine. I still don’t understand the usual complaints like “all the charcters have the same animation, all the charcters jump and have the same weight, etc. etc.” If someone wants to hate the game after learning some basic Tag functions fine, but sadly most people who bash it play it for a few minutes like they would any SF game and of course find it boring.

As for why I picked it, simple:

  • I had some fierce competition which made me learn more characters, more about the engine, etc.

  • No matter what SF games you have played before, a noob to the game has little chance of beating someone who knows some Tag basics.

  • 4 player Tag matches are too damn fun. You really have to be on the same page as your partner or you will find yourself losing…a lot.

2 years ago I was actually trying to get back to Evo when they opened the general console room up. When I was still making vids left and right and updating on what used to be neoavalon.com I had lots of SRKers interested in playing. Sadly I never made it, neoavlaon was closed, and most of the members/competition moved far away (Japan, the Carribean, etc.)

Shinji still has most of the old combo and match vids here:



I choose EX(particularly EX1) simply because Gief practically runs the game, with maybe ONE bad matchup(Hokuto) IIRC.


LOL. I still have my copy of EX3 from launch. I though I was the only person who still had it, but I picked 3rd Strike.


Which is why I tell people that Kuni would probably love EX+a.

To slightly elaborate on what Jester said. People who played it would either try and play it like a 3D fighter (and would obviously be disappointed), or like a regular SF game. While the game does have similarities (SFEX+a is similar to ST or A1, SFEX2&EX2+ are similar to A2 and CvS2 [combination of A and C grooves], SFEX3 is similar to TTT but without some of the flaws that exist in it), if you play it strictly like those you won’t fully experience the game and it’ll come off and a dumbed down version of whatever games its similar to.

Also, like any fighting game, the most fun lies with playing against other people (EX3 just happens to have like 5+ modes for vs play). But if the game never gets a chance before you round up people to play it then you’ll never get a chance to truely enjoy it. But if you can’t find people to play against, then like any other fighting game your SOL.

But EX+a and EX2+ individually, sold almost as well as A3 on the PSX. Meanwhile, sales for EX3 were less than both EX+a and EX2+, it was still better than sales for every SNK fighter, and most capcom fighters on the PS2 (CvS2 edges it out slightly).

So EX was semi popular, but it was never mainstream. And earily reviews of the japanese version of EX3 (which is plagued with slowdown which makes it unbearable to play) for a US release gave most gamers a incorrect idea of what to expect by a US release, and so shot the game down before it was even released.


I chose ST, but, if there were a specific option for Hyper Fighting, I’d choose it in a heartbeat.


i voted Alpha 2 otherwise i would’ve voted for EX+@…


Zero 2 alpha (called Alpha 2 gold in the US I think but I’m not sure)

Oh wait, Zero 2 Alpha is not even in the poll.

One more poll fails for me.